Stop Crying Over Spoiled Milk

This old saying refers also to the statement I believe in: stop crying over situations you got yourself into. No, not every mistake is your fault but we have to take accountability for our actions. If you touch the boiling pot once, and it burns you… That’s a lesson learned. If you go back and … Continue reading Stop Crying Over Spoiled Milk

Home Sweet Home or NOT

Home Sweet home those words hardly effected me Reading them on frames, doormats,etc. They were irrelevant to me Until one day that home sweet home was taken away When living paycheck by paycheck, no longer paid For the rent It only sent me , my mom and new born son away No where to call … Continue reading Home Sweet Home or NOT

Tamar Braxton is Expecting!!!

Tamar Braxton is preggers!!! Aka Pregnant! If you've followed the hit weTV season of Braxton Family Values, you would be familiar with the fact that a child has been a plan for Tamar and her husband Vince but her career was her main priority during that time. But once she topped the charts on iTunes … Continue reading Tamar Braxton is Expecting!!!