When wearing a bra as a top you have to be careful. You can go from classy to trashy very quick real easily. If you want to give off the impression of a girl who doesn’t care, a girl who’s values may be a bit off scale or who simply wants attention then go … Continue reading WHAT BRAS ARE APPROPRIATE TO WEAR AS TOPS?

Patience Is Key

Why are we so rushed? We want things to happen right away. It's kind of like keeping up with the Jones's. Rather than keeping up with the Jones's we want to pass them up. Now there's nothing wrong with wanting to make things happen. But everything needs a path, or some type of order formulated. … Continue reading Patience Is Key

Rihanna Launches Clothing Line Tonight!!

Rihanna launched her Rihanna River Island collection tonight! Being accessible for only a couple hours so far, fans are cleaning the "hood but so phuckin pop" Artist's site out!! You better hurry to her site if you want to "Shine Bright Like A Diamond!" From something chic to something punk, Rihanna will touch all her … Continue reading Rihanna Launches Clothing Line Tonight!!

Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show

Rihanna performed in the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show recently! This was one of her styles she rocked. Hot or Not?