Loving a man I never met

Lookin for you everyday Never met you Have always been told I’ll see you One day I’ve looked for you to show me love I know you’re capable I’ve heard good things about you Even though reality could steer Me from wanting to see you Reality says, “he’s not man enough for you” “he won’t … Continue reading Loving a man I never met

Everything, Every time, Everyone

I read this on a amazing blog I stumbled across. I feel as if it were fate speaking to me. I needed to read these words and I’m sure someone else needs it as well. I think sometimes we forget the simple things and even where we have come from. I’m sure everyone has they’re … Continue reading Everything, Every time, Everyone

Home Sweet Home or NOT

Home Sweet home those words hardly effected me Reading them on frames, doormats,etc. They were irrelevant to me Until one day that home sweet home was taken away When living paycheck by paycheck, no longer paid For the rent It only sent me , my mom and new born son away No where to call … Continue reading Home Sweet Home or NOT