Being Mary Jane: Black Women, Anxiety and Suicide

It's 2am. And I'm awake. Not because I'm having fun partying. Not because I'm up working. Not because I'm on #TeamNoSleep. I'm awake because I'm not okay.  Watching the latest episode of BET's Being Mary Jane really resonated with me. Mary Jane Paul wears many hats. Many that I won't be able to even tell. … Continue reading Being Mary Jane: Black Women, Anxiety and Suicide

Being MaryJane: The Everyday Woman

There were many Gabrielle Union fans that tuned into the premiere of her series "Being MaryJane" last night via BET. Mary Jane is a successful African American woman with a career as a news anchor.Although she's highly successful, Mary Jane exudes the regular everyday woman. She is a single woman who reminds herself she doesn't … Continue reading Being MaryJane: The Everyday Woman