Alex ‘Excel” Cruz|Hip Hop Saved Me

TheWireHangerByWinnie: Well hello! It’s great to catch up with you! I heard you just came from visiting the Philippines? How was that? Alex "Excel" Cruz: Yes. It was amazing. Very revealing. I got to see the importance of eating naturally. These are natural foods that I literally grabbed from a tree or the ocean. I noticed … Continue reading Alex ‘Excel” Cruz|Hip Hop Saved Me

Bringing In Father’s Day with: Fantastic Fathers!

Hip Hop St. Louis Artist C-Sharp sheds some light on non-violence through his music and also raises a young man to be ready for this society we live in. I felt it was important to speak with C -Sharp because of the crime rate increasing in St. Louis, MO over the past week. Winnie: What … Continue reading Bringing In Father’s Day with: Fantastic Fathers!