I Ain’t Sayin’ She a Golddigger: Survival of the Fittest

Men and women have never been able to fully to understand one another. We may think we know about the opposite sex but as humans we are very complicated species. As humans, we do have a common factor that has been in us since the beginning of time; survival skills. If a human being is … Continue reading I Ain’t Sayin’ She a Golddigger: Survival of the Fittest

Happy Anniversary to Me! The Wire Hanger By Winnie

Friday, August 2nd of 2013 marked my 1 year anniversary for this official website! I am very excited for various reasons. It is a blessing to be able to express myself in a way where people across the globe can relate. Also it gives me life when I inspire others. I love when I receive … Continue reading Happy Anniversary to Me! The Wire Hanger By Winnie

Real Men Still Exist. Thank God :)

March 22nd 2013 me and a close friend drove from St. Louis, MO to Atlanta, GA. The trip was planned about a month ahead of time with no one knowing about it except for my mother, brother and close friends. It was originally to get away. Then, at the last minute I was asked to … Continue reading Real Men Still Exist. Thank God 🙂

Interviews by Winnie w/Special K of The Rickey Smiley Show & Malinda Williams of the Hit TV Series Soul Food!

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Loving a man I never met

Lookin for you everyday Never met you Have always been told I’ll see you One day I’ve looked for you to show me love I know you’re capable I’ve heard good things about you Even though reality could steer Me from wanting to see you Reality says, “he’s not man enough for you” “he won’t … Continue reading Loving a man I never met

Why Are You Single? Honestly.

What are the most frequent questions you’re asked in the dating world? Things such as name, age, occupation, hobbies, etc. Well once you’re done with the basics that’s when the interesting questions arise. I’m pretty sure you’ve been asked many times, “Why are you single?” Now you have to be careful. Some people genuinely are … Continue reading Why Are You Single? Honestly.