Why Lie?

I blushed when you said I was beautiful instead of sexy I smiled when you kissed me softly on my forehead I felt warm inside when you only held me while others were watching But I cringed at the sound of your name,when I heard you lied I was content with being your friend Yeah more than friends was ideal … Continue reading Why Lie?

the BIG day

Heart beating fast Today is the big day The day every girl dreams of Me personally I dream Vera Wang Rockin it graceful down the aisle Just to see you smile Maybe even see your eyes water for a little while Everyone’s gathering around To see a new found love Sharing a lifetime with someone … Continue reading the BIG day

I.am Second

A Powerful movement indeed! I have always believed people in high status with a strong voice should use it for positivity to spread that amongst many others to make this world a better place! It's all about baby steps!

Scared To Love

Scared to fall Your smile terrifies me It has too much control Over my heart I could tell from the start The way your teeth glistened and your dimples formed Just gave me a feeling of warmth I loved the feeling Yet I hate it Because of him Him And him In my past They … Continue reading Scared To Love