Between The Lines

We joke We laugh We talk Joking turns to flirting Laughing turns to moaning Talking turns to yelling My mind cries in frustration when watching my heart unfold Like Why didn't I listen? I just had so much fun chillin Feelin that moment of bliss and I didn't want to come down I had to … Continue reading Between The Lines

Don’t Wait For The Law to Grant Amnesty For Once!

What Is Amnesty? am·nes·ty /ˈamnistē/ Noun An official pardon for people who have been convicted of political offenses. Verb Grant an official pardon to Most people are familiar with amnesty in the noun term. People may need a second chance after receiving a warrant for their arrest after not paying a traffic ticket and not … Continue reading Don’t Wait For The Law to Grant Amnesty For Once!

Loving a man I never met

Lookin for you everyday Never met you Have always been told I’ll see you One day I’ve looked for you to show me love I know you’re capable I’ve heard good things about you Even though reality could steer Me from wanting to see you Reality says, “he’s not man enough for you” “he won’t … Continue reading Loving a man I never met