Being MaryJane: The Everyday Woman

There were many Gabrielle Union fans that tuned into the premiere of her series "Being MaryJane" last night via BET. Mary Jane is a successful African American woman with a career as a news anchor.Although she's highly successful, Mary Jane exudes the regular everyday woman. She is a single woman who reminds herself she doesn't … Continue reading Being MaryJane: The Everyday Woman

Afton “YoungAddy” Johnson speaks to The Fashion Industry, Haters and The Lou

Speaking with St. Louis' own Afton "YoungAddyCo" Johnson was very exciting and real! We speak about fashion, every day life, family, friends and haters. Also the entrepreneur has a new business venture up her sleeve that current customers and future customers will greatly appreciate. From being a mommy, her own model,a stylist, a business owner … Continue reading Afton “YoungAddy” Johnson speaks to The Fashion Industry, Haters and The Lou

Live Victoriously Cosmetics Has Launched!! A Beautiful Red Carpet Event

Aundrea C. Smith, CEO of Live Victoriously Cosmetics ( is ready to conquer the world! Over the weekend Aundrea launched her fierce cosmetic line in St.Louis, MO at the well-known lounge known as "The Office" near the famous Delmar Loop in the heart of St.Louis. Seeing as it was hard to track down Aundrea for … Continue reading Live Victoriously Cosmetics Has Launched!! A Beautiful Red Carpet Event

Spreading The Word Through Cosmetics

I introduce to you,    Aundrea C. Smith CEO & Founder of Victory Lip-Colour LLC Aundrea is also CEO and Founder of the ministry: "Everlasting Victory Everyday" Philippians 3:13-14                                                "The past is OVER, … Continue reading Spreading The Word Through Cosmetics

Interviews by Winnie w/Special K of The Rickey Smiley Show & Malinda Williams of the Hit TV Series Soul Food!

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Stop Crying Over Spoiled Milk

This old saying refers also to the statement I believe in: stop crying over situations you got yourself into. No, not every mistake is your fault but we have to take accountability for our actions. If you touch the boiling pot once, and it burns you… That’s a lesson learned. If you go back and … Continue reading Stop Crying Over Spoiled Milk

The Power of the Hair??

Talking to a girlfriend of mine recently brought a few things to light for me. Yes we know within society most men are attracted to women with longer hair as opposed to women with a short natural look. Now there are men who are infatuated with women with natural hair but that is scarce. What … Continue reading The Power of the Hair??


  When wearing a bra as a top you have to be careful. You can go from classy to trashy very quick real easily. If you want to give off the impression of a girl who doesn’t care, a girl who’s values may be a bit off scale or who simply wants attention then go … Continue reading WHAT BRAS ARE APPROPRIATE TO WEAR AS TOPS?