I Turned My Diagnosis Into a Therapeutic Movement

For those of you who may know, or may not know, I have been managing an Instagram Photo Challenge that I started June 1, 2014. The challenge is #30Days2PamperMe, which encourages others from all over the world to take care of themselves, mentally, physically and spiritually.   It has been an amazing journey so far. … Continue reading I Turned My Diagnosis Into a Therapeutic Movement

The Takeover |Who is Blame Wiz?

Armon Harris aka BlameWiz, 28 year old St. Louis native, definitely reminds those who may have forgotten:  you can't spell "hustle" without STL! BlameWiz blesses the music industry with great productions with many talented artists. Just to name a few:  BlameWiz has made dope tracks with St. Louis' own rapper St. Orleans -- aka "Mr. … Continue reading The Takeover |Who is Blame Wiz?