Blissful Mondays w/Tatianah Green| Dating For A Godly Purpose and Not For Convenience

"Now listen, I've been single for a while now, and I've been kind of lonely.  I'm looking for someone to talk to, love me, someone who can hold me, is that you?" As Ciara sang in the intro of her song “Promise,” she captures what some of us single ladies feel when we get back … Continue reading Blissful Mondays w/Tatianah Green| Dating For A Godly Purpose and Not For Convenience

“Less of me, More of you Lord” Fast

"Less of me, More of you Lord" Fast This fast I just started consists of taking away food/beverages I have been feeding my body; that is of my desire but not the best for my body. Our body is our temple, so we should treat it like such. We can look like royalty on the … Continue reading “Less of me, More of you Lord” Fast

Interviews by Winnie w/Special K of The Rickey Smiley Show & Malinda Williams of the Hit TV Series Soul Food!

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Interviews = Dating??

Talking with a Caucasian young lady, we were sharing info about each other and as I am a young girl in my twenties, i am supposed to do all of the twenty something things shop, maybe work a part time job,possibly attend school,party,drink,party,have sex,shop,have sex, party and just live life with no worries. Although I am on … Continue reading Interviews = Dating??

Why Are You Single? Honestly.

What are the most frequent questions you’re asked in the dating world? Things such as name, age, occupation, hobbies, etc. Well once you’re done with the basics that’s when the interesting questions arise. I’m pretty sure you’ve been asked many times, “Why are you single?” Now you have to be careful. Some people genuinely are … Continue reading Why Are You Single? Honestly.