Mali Music Talks Music, Faith and Breast Cancer Awareness

By Winnie Caldwell

This day last weekend, a Grammy nominated, God lover, Mali Music, took St. Louis by storm. Angel brought artist, Mali Music, to St. Louis to perform at the Ready Room!

a night

Anyone who knows me, knows that I have been a fan of Mali Music for years. Like played his music for my son for like the last 5 years of his life type of fan. I have a video of Sidney dancing to Mali Music 5 years ago but he’s made me swear not to post it LOL. But who is Mali Music? It honestly is tough for me to describe it. Without even meeting him, Mali has been an artist who made me remember that I’m Beautiful. When I had moments of despair and questioning my moves personally, professionally, spiritually, he confirmed through his lyrics that it’s Gonna Be Alright. Like seriously. I’ve been in ugly tears and then boom that song plays on shuffle on my Apple Music. God be knowin’. Mali has given me great songs to send to my friends, when I felt as if I were in solitude, that it’s No Fun Alone. But through it all, I always shout Yahweh.

Thankful to Angel of Angel Presents A Night of Soul Searching Ft Mali Music, St. Louis had the chance to experience Mali personally at The Ready Room!

Watch the interview below for the exclusive green room chat I had with him prior to the show!


Thank you to Queensit Productions for capturing this moment for me! You came through clutch with the black girl magic!

As the Video Queen herself had other endeavors after soundcheck, that left me to capture the soulful night with Mali straight from the iPhone. Experience a bit below!

And three key takeaways I received from this night:

  • Believe in yourself. Someone, somewhere is looking up to you. Even when you feel you’re at your lowest, you’re still sitting up high compared to another. See yourself as God sees you.
  • You can’t truly tap into radical faith without a relationship with God and without wisdom from the word.
  • Whatever you want out of life, manifest it. Write it out. Pray about it. Make a plan. And be open to God altering that plan to something higher than your human expectation.

Thank you Mali for taking the time out of your day to chat with me and express meaningful words to those watching. Stay blessed!



Love yall! Stay empowered and anyone who needs an encouraging word, please share this with them!

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