What is entrepreneurship development Programme and its objectives?

The overall objectives of EDP are mainly to help in the rapid growth of the economy by supplying skilled entrepreneurs. This programme primarily aims at providing self-employment to the young generation. Stimulatory Role: It aims at influencing people in large number to be the entrepreneur.

What are the objectives of the entrepreneurship development program?

Objectives of Entrepreneurial Development Programme (EDP) :

To make people learn compliance with law. To develop and fortify entrepreneurial quality, i.e., motivation or need for achievement. To develop small and medium scale enterprises in order to generate employment and widen the scope of industrial ownership.

Which of the following are the objectives of EDP?

Objectives of Entrepreneurial Development Programmes (EDP)

  • To Promote First Generation Businessman and Industrialists. …
  • To Create Awareness about Availability of Resources. …
  • To Promote Small, Cottage & Local Industries. …
  • To Encourage Self Employment Tendencies. …
  • To Provide Knowledge about Government Plans and Programmes.

What do you understand by entrepreneurial development programme?

Entrepreneurial Development Programme (EDP) may be defined as a programme designed to help a person in strengthening his entrepreneurial motives and in acquiring skills and capabilities necessary for playing his entrepreneurial role effectively and efficiently.

What is entrepreneurship and its objectives?

People have many entrepreneurship objectives, and it is the act of starting a business. It means to create a job for yourself as an entrepreneur and for others. It means you must be self-driven. You want to become an entrepreneur implies you are your boss. People start businesses as they dislike working for a boss.

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What are the types of entrepreneurship development programme?

Types of EDP & Entrepreneurial Development Cycle

  • I. Entrepreneurship Awareness Training Programme.
  • II. Product Oriented EDP.
  • III. Target Oriented EDP.
  • IV. EDP’s For Existing entrepreneurs.

Which of the following is the most important objective of entrepreneurial development?

Entrepreneurial development refers to the development of entrepreneurial skills and knowledge through various training and development programmes. The prime objective of entrepreneurial development is to enlarge the base of the entrepreneurs so as to increase the pace at which new ventures are started.