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 January 15, 1989, Winnie Elizabeth Caldwell was born. St. Mary’s Hospital was introduced to this 9 lb. 10 oz baby. But Winnie’s birth wasn’t a normal circumstance. Nine months into the pregnancy, Winnie’s mother was attacked. The attacker broke in the home of Winnie’s mother, tried to take advantage of her and when she refused he attacked her in the worst way, with several stabs in her stomach. By the grace of God she’s alive and also Winnie and her brother Ishmael. Ishmael was 10 at the time and called 911 for help. Winnie learned of this altercation briefly as a child and in full graphic detail in her early twenties. Therefore Winnie knew she had a special purpose here. Let alone, she shares the birthday of Dr. Martin Luther King and is named after Winnie Mandela. This testimony is very near and dear to Winnie but she decided to share with you as her guest because you’re near and dear to her. Seeing God saved her and her family’s life, Winnie realized the least she could do was minister to others through her passion, writing. Winnie has used testimonies to give advice to others and interviewed influential people to reach the masses. Winnie plans to do a lot more with her gifts and talents. Winnie would appreciate any and all donations though also please keep her lifted in prayer through her journey. Winnie’s Vision: She wants to have a professional photo shoot for her blog. Winnie would also like to launch a store on her blog selling promotional merchandise with inspirational quotes from the blogger herself. Winnie would love to have the funding to attend business building conferences to network beyond her hometown in St. Louis.
“Blogging has been the best thing I’ve decided to do! I’ve used my testimonies as inspirational articles. I’ve used my gift to reach out to very influential individuals. Reaching over 21k views has definitely motivated me to take my passion and turn it into a successful business! “
Winnie also plans to offer career building services to her readers such as résumé revising, editing, and more! Though at the end of it all, Winnie is not only a blogger but she’s a single mother of an 9 year old boy and reality never stops. But she refuses to stop chasing her dream of making her writing and her brand her ultimate career. 
                                                                           Thank you and God Bless!                                                          donate

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