11 Moms Collaborate on Best Selling Book #MOMBOSS

When you think of #momboss, what comes to mind? For some, you may think, “Oh my God, my mom is so bossy!” For these 11 moms, and their supporters, they’re thinking of moms who juggle being a mom and a manager of their child’s brand.

Entrepreneurship has been quite trendy over the last few decades but in just the last few years, kid entrepreneurs have been on the rise. When I was young, I thought I was doing something by selling snacks at school and making jewelry out of beads to sell to my friends. Kids these days are owning organizations, facilitating meetings, employing their parents and more!

Where can we hear about these stories?

#MomBoss by the visionary Arriel Biggs and her co-authors, Aunkule Benford-Campbell, Landra Cannon, Shay Danrich, Sauywanna Davis, Latrice Floyd, Cecilia Rigsby, Tamishio Hawkins, Nia Lewis, Tanika Prowell, and Tamara M. Robinson.


These are 11 mothers who are all best selling authors on Amazon, and some of them are 1st time published authors!

I had the opportunity to be honored as a honorary Mom Boss and host this dynamic event!

We laughed, we danced, we posed for SEVERAL cameras and we celebrated one another. The #MomBoss Book Launch event, May 18th at the William J Harrison Center was a success to say the least.

Take a look for yourself!

And of course, support these mamas by buying your copy today!



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