Color Of Change: Serve Our Sisters

By Melanie Randels
Did you know that more than 5 million children in the United States have or have had a parent incarcerated in state or federal prison? This means 1 in 14 children have experienced this, these numbers are staggering.
Color of Change, the national social justice organization catered to serving the urban communities in which are most effected by these hardships, would like your help giving back to these children.
On May 25th, Color of Change is sponsoring a #ServeOurSisters event to give 200 care packages to children of incarcerated parents in St. Louis and surrounding areas. The idea is to collectively put the packages together as a community to show unity and encouragement to the young people. The gifts will include items such as earbuds, snacks, socks, emoji bracelets, journals, pencils, and more provided in a cinch backpack.
The event is free of charge and includes a delicious lunch. It is also kid friendly as we will  be working on crafts to provide to a garden being groomed in Ferguson.
CAN YOU MAKE IT OUT TO HELP US? If so, please RSVP here:
If not, can you please commit to spreading the word?
In addition, if you would like to contribute items to the care packages, we would greatly appreciate that as well.
We look forward to serving with you soon.

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