[Exclusive] 21 Year Old Entrepreneur Organizes An All Gospel Concert Featuring The Walls Group and More!

By Winnie Caldwell

At 21, most are trying to organize their college classes, work schedules or just day to day activities. St. Louis native, Isaiah Darris organized an all gospel concert in St. Louis, MO at First Christian Church that brought hundreds out to attend.


Isaiah Darris Photographed By: Winnie Elizabeth

Not only is Isaiah an entrepreneur, but there’s more.

“Founder, Isaiah Darris, is a 21 year old native of St. Louis, MO with over 5 years of entertainment and event planning experience. While serving as an active member in his community and church leader, Isaiah eagerly realized his purpose in life. With the support of God and his loving Great-Grandmother, Isaiah accepted his calling to the ministry as a licensed Preacher of the gospel,” according to idppresents.com. “Isaiah has always desired to inspire millennials like himself that “it doesn’t matter how old you are, you can produce your dreams at any age!” Isaiah’s passion for the arts and gathering people young and old to share gospel music in several capacities has allowed him to actively push IDP and its staff in a forward direction. IDP is on a rise and its intentional message will be clearly disseminated to people near and far while still providing organized and spirit-filled rejuvenation through the arts.”

Artist that performed Saturday, were local emerging artists as well as Grammy nominated, world known, recording artists. You may recognize some of the names: Enrique Holmes (who just hit #19 on the Billboard charts for Top 20 Digital Gospel Songs), Meaghan Williams McNeal , Cedric Shannon Rives & The Brothers, and Grammy Nominated Group The Walls Group!


The Walls Group Photographed By Winnie Elizabeth

I had the opportunity to not only attend, worship and praise but also sit down with The Walls Group for an exclusive interview!

Watch the video below for recaps of each artist and to listen to the interview! Great job Isaiah! Follow Isaiah Darris for upcoming events! 

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