Partying Done Right: Art,Beats,Lyrics

By Winnie Caldwell

After so many networking events, brunches, and other young professional elbow rubbing sessions, sometimes you just want to unwind right? Maybe that’s just me. Well, to be transparent, if it weren’t for me attending as a blogger, I probably would’ve stayed home. Not because of anything with Jack Daniels or Art Beats Lyrics, but because I had a heavy week and just wanted to curl in a ball at home. But obligations led me out of the house. And now I am super thankful for it.

IMG_3368Jack Daniels: Art, Beats, Lyrics brought out hundreds to St. Louis’ vibrant event venue, Ball Park Village. “For the second year in a row, the Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Honey Art, Beats and Lyrics national tour brought out a packed house to Ballpark Village on its stop in St. Louis. Merging urban art and hip-hop culture, Art, Beats and Lyrics is of the largest traveling experience of its kind. For information on upcoming cities and dates, please ”


Photo By: Winnie Caldwell

It honestly felt like I was on an episode of Cheers.


Everywhere I turned I saw someone that I know. Like legit are friends with, have prayed with, cried with, ate with and of course partied with. It was cool being in company with like-minded individuals. And speaking of which, I had a chance to chat with a couple of the artists!

45211741_2175133575830851_8653644466126585856_n.jpgBrock Seals

Winnie: How would you say your faith has gotten you to where you are today?

Seals: My faith is the only thing that keeps me believing and it’s the fuel to my fire. Find purpose and make it your passion.

Winnie: What advice would you give to any upcoming artists that are trying to pursue their form of art full time?

Seals: Have faith. Be original. Be patient.

Support Seals by helping him get to Miami for Art Basel. This could really help him take off! Click here to join his support system.

IMG_3354Rell Brodie 

Now yall know along with Jesus, I love trap music. I have a few pieces at home from Rell and Gucci Mane is one of my faves! LOL Ok Winnie focus.

Winnie: What advice to an upcoming artist would you give?

Rell: Build a presence online especially via social media. I get more support online than I do from word of mouth.

Winnie: How did you get here to ABL?

Rell: Ono reached out and got me on.

Winnie: How would you say your faith has contributed to where you are today?

Rell: When it gets hard, I don’t fold. Art is my only outlet.

Art, Beats, Lyrics seems to be successful as they’ve toured the country for years now. What keeps them so successful? As a event-goer of theirs I’d have to say the following:

-The fact that it’s free entry

-The music performances are always the latest and greatest. This year I had the chance to watch Bas (You may know him from J. Cole’s label Dreamville) perform for the first time.


J. Cole protégé and emerging Dreamville artist, Bas, performs his crowd favorites for a packed house at the Art, Beats and Lyrics event in St. Louis.  Presented by Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Honey, Art Beats and Lyrics showcases some of today’s best upcoming artists, along with seasoned veterans in art and music under one roof. For information on Art, Beats and Lyrics please visit (Photo by Kat Goduco Photography/Art, Beats + Lyrics)

-Always sponsored by Jack Daniels. If you indulge in a little drank, Jack Daniels has a nice taste to it, plus their branding is always innovative.

-The venues always seem to be amazing and next level. Here in St. Louis, that is often a miss. The nightlife scene isn’t too progressive these ways unfortunately, but ABL always seems to be successful with bringing the city out.

-Truly the ability to appreciate and support authentic, hard-working artists.


New features on this year’s tour include various art pieces that are illuminated by light-boxes, which is a first for Art, Beats and Lyrics, the traveling art and music tour presented by Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Honey. The multi-city tour showcases some of today’s best upcoming artists, along with seasoned veterans in art and music, under one roof.  For information on Art, Beats and Lyrics, visit (Photo by Kat Goduco Photography/Art, Beats + Lyrics)

Great job ABL. Miami, you’re up next!

Screen Shot 2018-11-13 at 1.40.47 PM

Click the above image for deets on RSVP!


Photo By: Winnie Caldwell

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