Event Planning Guru Stacey Pugh Speaks on LemonPepperKickBack,Facing Fears and Faith

By Winnie Caldwell

LemonPepperKickBack? What is that about you say?

24129735_10159672068700471_6252301111101929412_nWell, last year Stacey posed a question after admiring IssaRae’s LemonPepperKickBack from afar. Stacey asked her social media followers,

Screen Shot 2018-10-31 at 3.23.15 PM

Less than a month later, Stacey had a sponsor for the wings, a ton of supporters and an event that was wall to wall. Planning a successful event in less than a month is already astounding, but actually having a great turnout is the ranch on top! Get it? Okay that was corny LOL

Anywho, I had to talk to Stacey myself as she is planning the 2nd annual LemonPepperKickBack!


This time it is bigger than before, it’ll be hosted at Champs On Jefferson (a black owned establishment. whoop! whoop!), she has more sponsors and more surprises! Listen for the exclusive below!

You ready?? Get Your Tickets At: https://www.lemonpepperkickbackstl.com/

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