I Took Seven Days Away From Social Media And This Happened..

By Winnie Caldwell

Everyone has their vice right? Whether it be drinking, smoking, sex, television, traveling, surfing the internet, or in my case social media. I didn’t realize how attached ( I don’t really want to say addicted because the truth hurts) I was to social media until my conversation surrounded it so much.


I’d be in group chats talking about how someone on social media affected my feelings, or how someone was in my DMs, or whatever the trending conversation was in that hour. Having a conversation about that can be pretty overwhelming and counterproductive if there’s no end goal. When I realized my use of social media wasn’t giving me the return that I was putting into it, I knew I had to re-evaluate my usage. Like I have lessons for others on how to use social media, why aren’t I taking my own advice??

So I decided to fast. I knew I needed to fast because my spirit felt off. I was very irritable. I wasn’t sleeping well. I was depending on the wrong things for ‘escapism’. So I decided to focus on what I was putting in my body first. I decided to do a fast similar to the popular, Daniel Fast. Though, the current fast that I am on isn’t influenced by the bible per say, but more-so influenced by my current personal battle, needs and most importantly, my prayer.

So I prayed first like:

Me: Ok God, how long should I do this thing?

God: 21 Days.

Me: Cool. Okay God what do I need to let go of to focus more on my promise?

God: Meat. Sweets. Alcohol. Only drink water. And let go of Social Media….all of it.



All of it?? What about my business? My events? My son’s business?

God: Trust me and chill.



So I have completed 7 days so far. Immediately after being intentional about not only my diet, but my taste in relationships professionally and personally, the following has happened!

  1. I’ve slept better! After drinking coffee daily, and wine on the weekends, my body wouldn’t know how to relax without the help of scrolling social media til I got bored, watching tv until my eyes hurt or until work exhausted me enough to pass out. Without caffeine, I have developed a sleep schedule already, I wake up easier (and I am not a morning person), and I also have noticed my divine hour. What’s a divine hour? After watching Will Catlett (Love Is star) on Instagram before I fasted, he mentioned waking up at a certain time with unexplainable energy. That is the hour when one should work in purpose. And if you don’t work in that hour, at least make that time a special moment to talk with God, as a message is trying to be sent to you. And I have risen from my sleep at the same time almost daily with either powerful life changing dreams, motivation or just taking a moment to talk to God.
  2. I got a prayer partner.  Matthew 18:20 ESV “For where two or three are gathered in my name, there am I among them.” Now I was not raised strict to pray or attend church. Though, in my adult life I have learned how much of God is in each and every one of us. And when we of God come together, we create the church. I confided in a friend about some things I’d been battling, she confided in me as well and simply asked, ” Wanna start praying together?” Without a doubt I agreed. And instantly things I once stressed about became even more nonexistent.
  3. I’ve attracted more financially valuable opportunities! I remember being that girl like, I don’t want to do xyz for money. I just want to do the work. Which is very noble. But what I was really saying is that I didn’t deserve to be paid. I went to school for Communications but the majority of my skillset that I am contacted about is a testament of the conferences, webinars, coaching sessions and networking events I monetarily invested in. So I have started intentionally praying over my finances.
    • Day 2 of my fast I received a call with an opportunity to be paid to just help others use technology!
    • Day 3 I taped on a tv set that will be aired to thousands on my experience as a teen mom, entrepreneur and change maker which will bring even more exposure to career opportunity. IMG_1057
    • Day 4 I received a call about an opportunity for an executive job opening that I never applied for. They just heard about me and wanted to learn who Winnie was more.
    • Day 5 I received a text message about a job opening at another firm for a media opportunity right up my alley, that I also never applied for.
    • Day 6 I had a meeting with a woman of God about ANOTHER job opening that I could do from the comfort of my home, that wouldn’t interfere with my entrepreneurial endeavors.
    • Day 7, I laid all of my outfits out for this promising season!

Words are very powerful, and they are even more powerful in prayer. Speak promise over your life. Don’t pray for what you can make happen, pray for the impossible and watch God work.


4. I eat better and get more creative with recipes! I never knew how much I loved veggies until that’s all I have consumed LOL. Zucchini and I have a new found love. I have saved a lot of money fasting and its easier to wash dishes without the greasy residue! I also have to pat myself on the back for getting the kid to eat meatless ‘meatballs’, tacos with plant based protein instead of meat and just experiencing this fast with me. I haven’t made it mandatory for him but it definitely feels like a lifestyle change I’d like to embark.  IMG_1009

5. My third eye was opened. You ever realize what you are blinded to when you consume of so much online, and when you consume so much junk food? Well when its all taken away, you can’t help but to wake up. I have realized people’s disregard for respect, time, presence and value. I have way too much to live for and lose to risk any of the four mentioned.


I’ve heard that ‘fasting isn’t for everyone’. But I believe that true peace of mind needs to be something everyone gains access to. I have been more cognizant of self worth, family, friends and what’s here NOW. Be present because tomorrow is not always promised.

I have even BIGGER news but I am waiting until my final event, September 1st, here in St. Louis to announce it. I’ll just give hints…international, grammy award winners, where magic happens.


If you want the tea first, and tips on how to build your relationships to facilitate a promising career and future for self, visit pickourbrain.eventbrite.com


Fast ends in a couple of weeks! Therefore if you need me, comment below or email me at contact@bookedenterprise.com ! 🙂

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