My Moment to Join Kia Ride and Drive!

So you know the whole “Don’t make announcements, make moves” type of thing? Well I had a chance to go to Six Flags St. Louis to be a blogger for Kia Motors 😱 and be apart of a promotional video for a special event this weekend with the Drive Shop USA!!


A great blessing! To do what I love. Look at God. 🙌🏾 Shout out to my blogging mentor Danyelle Smith Little for making this possible! You are being the change you want to see for St. Louis!

This was my first time driving a Kia vehicle and I went for the best, the Kia K900 (endorsed by thee Lebron James!).


With its high performance drive, and top technology, this was a great opportunity for me to try out a new vehicle! The K900 drove smoothly, it’s sleek and trendy, a huge backseat for the kid and his friends, adjustable lights, and more! I am hopeful about being a Kia driver!

Tune in to the video below to tap into my experience!

Thanks Kia for the fun experience!!!


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