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DIY: 5 Essentials to Help You Work from Anywhere!




– directing ones hopes or ambitions toward becoming a specific type of person.

Any entrepreneur I have ever met, read books from or heard speak has said (in so many words), that “the work NEVER stops”. Being that we are ASPIRING entrepreneurs, this still rings true. I would say, it rings even more true. While working from home is ideal, sometimes we need to get out. It could be at your kids’ soccer practice or band rehearsal. It could be while you’re on break at your current job. To be honest, you may have to squeeze that dream in; at least until it’s big enough to squeeze other things out.

SO! Here are 5 things to help you work from anywhere.

*Every day, easily accessible, very important things that you should have to make working from anywhere possible.

  1. Ink Pen – I know you’re probably like “I already have that!”. When I say “ink pen” I mean “ink pens”. I actually mean ALL of the writing utensils. Pens… Pencils… Highlighters… Markers… Colored Pencils… Crayons… Oil Pastels… Alright alright, so that’s a bit excessive. Seriously, though. Have at least three pens, different colors if you can. Also a highlighter (for the doubly important things).  I know it may seem strange, but in my notebook I write each new subject, or idea in a different color. Something about this triggers my memory, helping me to remember things faster. It also makes referring to my notes much easier.picjumbo.com_HNCK5108
  2. Planner– A planner is essential!! Just about every single time that I sit down to do anything productive, my brain immediately decides to churn out every single task that I need to complete. All of them. Having a planner (and your trusty ink pens) makes it easy to immediately designate a time to complete said tasks. I know we all have phones making writing things down almost obsolete. However, for me anyway. Actually writing just about anything down is much more effective for me. It does wonders for my memory as well.picjumbo.com_Smooth-Touch-Workspace
  3. Notebook–  I know that most planners have a notes section in our planners. For me however, everything has a place. Keeping a notebook. ONE notebook, not 10 than I randomly scribble notes into. Keeps me together, sort of. It makes looking for the last note, idea or any other important information. Easier to find. Reading over my notes is always helpful when I find myself a bit stick, or lacking motivation. It can also be a powerful tool in tracking your own growth.
  4. Computer–  I suggest a computer because starting out there is probably a TON for you to learn. You won’t know everything, if you do you need might just need to think again. You will have a lot of researching to do. Hence, the computer. The internet is a powerful research tool.


While plenty of people have a personal computer. Not everyone does. Do not fret my friends. You can use a tablet or even your phone. If you have neither, don’t worry. Try your local library, most libraries have internet capable computers for you to check out. Even if you do have your own computer, I would suggest working form the library occasionally. The library is full of amazing resources and wonderful research tools.

  1. Camera– Alright, this one is totally optional. Also, let me just say. It does not need to be an expensive DSLR. Your phone camera will do just fine. I only say a camera because depending the exact path that your dream takes you down. Especially, the more artistic of us. Inspiration can strike anywhere. In anything. When you are in a hurry, snapping a photo could be your saving grace.picjumbo.com_HNCK6173

** Bonus– totally optional. I would also suggest a bag.  Could be a backpack, purse, even a brown paper bag. Any bag will do. Just have somewhere to keep all of your work things. Something that you can grab, every time you’re leaving the house and will have time to work. Something that you can grab when you’re leaving the house specifically to work. I’m sure most of us have something already. If not however, I would strongly suggest trying the thrift store or estate sales. You’re likely to find some amazing, one of a kind and cheap bags.

Yours Truly,

Genesis Guyse

DIY Contributor, TheWireHangerByWinnie


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