Artist Interview: Going Against Society w/Reuben and Noelle Jones

Recently, I had the amazing opportunity to sit down with a pretty dope christian music, duo! And they’re married! How dope? After attending a local book release event, I was in awe after seeing Reuben and Noelle take the stage effectively. We went from various topics like praying for celebrities, to talking about good Christian music, etc. Please check out the  interview below!

DSC_0921The Wire Hanger By Winnie : Hey there Mr. Reuben and Noelle Jones.  How long have you been in music industry?
Reuben: Just a year and we started together, Sept. 7th, 2014. A month before we got married.

TWHBW: That’s what attracted me to you both as artists! Not only was the music dope, but you’re doing what you love as a married couple. A young, black married couple at that. We lack seeing that glorified in the black community so it is great to see the love of marriage and the love of Christ you’re promoting. Is music what attracted you both?


Reuben: When we first met, at 14 years old, I said I wanted to do music, and she wanted to do music and we started on it together now, years later.
Noelle: I was a theater kid. I was known for dancing at my church. But the first time we performed ‘Unstoppable’, that was our pivotal moment.

TWHBW: What inspired you to create christian music?
Reuben: I came from a lot. God has brought me from a ‘whole’ lot. I didn’t make the greatest decisions but His grace is amazing. You may say I am a rapper, but I am doing it to draw people closer to Christ. It’s not about me at all.

TWHBW: What was a life changing moment that made you go after your craft?
Noelle: I actually feel like I am coming to it now [smiles]. I have been writing for so long and hiding it. I am getting over a fear of what people say about me. Now God is saying I want to use you, and I want to use you to glorify me. That’s all you have to do is, stand up, be a light and lift the King up and He will draw those to Him.

TWHBW: What advice would you give to aspiring artists?
Reuben: Always put God first and accept when He says NO.
Noelle: Stay humble and make it your business to be invisible while on stage. Allow the Lord to use you and allow people to look at you and see the Father and the love of God.

TWHBW: Could you imagine if popular secular artists were drawing people to Christ in the gospel industry rather than any other?

Noelle: Yes! I pray for celebrities all the time!

TWHBW: Fun fact time! [laughs] Who are your top 5 music artists in any genre?
Reuben: KB, Flame, Mike Real, Nico Wells and Toi [Shoutout to Vivid Core Music!].
Noelle: Does Reuben count? [laughs] I would have to say Andra Day, Sza, Lecrae, KB [shout out to Reach Records], and I love Kirk Franklin.

Check out the journey of this amazing duo now!
Twitter: @1stNoelleMusic @ReubenJones314
 Instagram: @noelleluvsjesus  @reubenjones314

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