Tell it Tuesday w/B.Parker: It’s Hard to Rely on God!

My relationship with God has always been strong. I grew up in church, and have always found hope in Christ.

It wasn’t until I started struggling with anxiety on a daily basis that my relationship with Him grew on a deeper level.

These last few weeks I’ve been struggling severely with anxiety, to the point where going to class would send me into a panic attack, something that I haven’t experienced to this magnitude. It’s been stressful trying to manage it on my own.


It’s so easy to throw a smile on your face, and act like everything is perfectly fine. But what happens when faking a smile becomes hard?

Praying has been something I’ve relied heavily on. While I’ll admit it doesn’t always fix the problems (in our eyes anyways), it does provide a sense of peace knowing that He knows.

God knows our troubles, and the things that keep us awake at night.

He knows the reason for our tears.

He knows the cause of our heartaches.

He knows, and that should bring a sense of comfort.

Close-up of crying woman


It does, most the time. I won’t lie though, it doesn’t always provide immediate comfort. There are times when the anxiety gets to be too much, and even though I know God is with me, and He will provide a way when there seems like no hope.

Lately this song has been a lifesaver. The moments I feel like the pain and anxiousness is too much, I play this song, and the words provide a sense of hope and peace.

“My heart beating

My soul breathing

I found my life

When I laid it down

Upward falling

Spirit soaring

I touch the sky

When my knees hit the ground” – “Touch the Sky”; Hillsong UNITED

The moments you give over everything to God, He will provide a way. He will provide peace. It might not seem like it right away, but in the end, everything will be okay.

If you’re struggling with anxiety, know that with God it will be okay. I know sometimes it doesn’t seem like anything will be okay. It seems like what you’re dealing with will last forever, but God will always show up and the plans He has are always good. Trust in His timing, and trust in Him.

Yours Truly,

Brittany Parker


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