D.I.Y. Thrifty Thursdays w/Genesis: The YOU in DIY for 2016

Since I can remember, I have always wanted to work for myself. The older I get, the harder it gets. Not just because all of the big responsibilities just pop up on you, but also because doing it yourself can be scary. Seriously. Terrifying.
Not only that, if you’re like me and you already have a job; everything is already secure. This big of a change can just be (insert synonym for super duper scary here). The only thing that is even more terrifying is ignoring the dream. Ignoring the incessant itch to take the plunge is even more difficult. So?

Do it!! Start wherever you are. Give that idea some air. You may not be able to just up and quit your job tomorrow. However, walking is better than sitting. So give that dream some air. Even if its only in your few free hours a day. On your off day. On the weekends. What is your dream worth??


Here are a few tips that I have to help you get started and keep going. Some keys to staying motivated, and organized while working on your dream.

This first one is a little more mental. Take yourself seriously. Just remember you’re the one! The mastermind. The genius. The bomb! I cannot say, how many of my ideas have crashed and burned. Because, I convinced myself that they were not good enough or I wasn’t. FOOLISHNESS!! Don’t kill your ideas. The world will try to beat you down. The worst mistake that you can make is trying to convince the world that you’re something that you don’t even believe that you are. So before you set foot on this road, know about yourself.

NOW! For the more physical things. The little adjustments that will help your dream to grow and make working from home much easier.


Have a Morning Routine – Every morning, I like to pray. I then get to my yoga mat and do at least five minutes of opening poses. Then I have breakfast (The most important meal of the day. Do not skip breakfast). While these may seem like small things it is essential to have something that your day goes by. Make a morning routine that gets your day going.

GET DRESSED!!!– While in many places the main selling point of working from home is usually along the lines of “Make a living, in your pajamas”. For me pajamas=sleep. Also your idea is big and with luck your work will outgrow your home or have clients coming to you and they don’t want to see your pajamas. There is something about getting dressed that will put you in a better mindset to actually work.

Designate a space.- NOT YOUR BED!! For me at least, my bed brings out the worst and least productive version of myself. While you may not have a desk yet. The kitchen table will do. Just somewhere other that bed where you can sit, focus and work.


Shut out distractions– For me social media is the monkey on my back (lets call him Louie). Louie keeps me from getting important things done. In order to tame Louie I put him on the second screen of my phone. Every time I would swipe left, I would remember that I was getting off track.

Take a break– I can get stir crazy sitting inside all day. Breaks are your friend when it comes to working from home. So stop for a bit. Have lunch, go for a walk or call your Mom. Just give your mind a rest and then get back to it.

Make a list– I like for my last task of the day to be compiling my to do list for tomorrow. Be it things I didn’t get done or the next step in my master plan. Writing it down can be extremely helpful. Also give yourself deadlines! I find it greatly motivating to give myself a deadline and make my deadline.

STOP– While pulling an all-nighter could be appealing and sometimes effective. More often than not ending your day and coming at it with a fresh head tomorrow is best.

Yours Truly,

Genesis Guyse

DIY Contributor,TheWireHangerByWinnie



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