Mind of a Man Monday: 6 Moments of 2015 Pushing Me to 2016

I’ve been so blessed to have you all experience this journey in 2015 with me as a first time blogger. It’s been a real blessing to me and I thank my good friend Winnie Caldwell for giving me the opportunity. It’s officially winter season and only 10 days left in the year. 2015 has been a crazy year with everything that has taken place. It would take a few pages for me to give my synopsis of this year but I’ll keep it short.

I moved back to St. Louis.

10714230_10203417606663405_8069826177297353180_oMoving back to St. Louis after graduating college was a very strategic move for me. Moving back home was as an opportunity to make my mark on this earth when it seems like life had gotten crazier.

Ferguson erupted.Activists stood up and continue to stand strong.


And people took a stand.  I truly commend my friend Maya Aten White aka Spook for holding it down and making her voice ring loud all across the world among the rest of the people in her movement.


I learned to use my voice.

12189921_10205463863498547_5561847095487090409_nIn 2015, I learned that in order to conquer the change you want to see, you must first take a step towards making that change. Everyone has a story someone else could relate to that could drastically change their life. You can bless the world just by sharing your wisdom and talents.

Mark 16:15 NKJV

“And He said to them, ‘Go into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature.’”

Effect change even after death.

I was watching 60 Minutes recently and they had the CEO of Apple on there, showing a 5 billion dollar project to be completed by next year that Steve Jobs put together before he passed away. I was amazed at the genius being shown and the fact that the person who created the project isn’t even living.

I wanted more.

upIt inspired me to want more. God wants us to have it all in our lifetime. I’m giving up trying to be the jack of all trades and focusing in on a few things in 2016 so I can get more production out of myself. We all have to be real with ourselves so that we can grow to another level.

I discovered within.

Use these last 10 days of the year to cut out all the junk on the inside and out so that you can go out with a bang. I’ve discovered that most stress can be self-inflicted so as individuals we need to check ourselves and go into 2016 with a new mind and attitude to win.

I send peace and love to everyone. I pray that you have prosperity in life wherever you are and hope to see you at the top one day.

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