My Millennial Experience in Atlanta,GA During Werk Pray Slay Weekend

A few months ago I had a conversation with a friend, and I told him that I was preparing to go out of town soon. He teased me and said,

What conference are you going to this time? You know you only go out of town for business.”

I laughed it off but he was telling the truth. I yearn for network events. And The Single Wives Club has taken networking to a whole new level. As a millennial I am all about building your own business or going after your purpose. Within the last year I have taken a leap of faith and left a full time law firm job and for six weeks was simply, Winnie Caldwell, Editor In Chief of The Wire Hanger By Winnie. That six weeks was challenging but now I am able to do this full time plus earn full time income as the Content Manager and Social Media Specialist for On the Money Magazine! I couldn’t have had the confidence to believe in myself without being a member of The Single Wives Club.

This year Koereyelle DuBose, Founder of The Single Wives Club, hosted Werk Pray Slay weekend Oct. 30 -Nov.1, 2015. This is their third annual conference and honestly was so fulfilling. I not only had a great time but I networked with amazing people, saved money and werked my purpose!

During the three days I learned three key things:

WERK: Dedicate my life to my dreams
PRAY: Ground myself in my faith
    SLAY: Show out in celebration of my success

“I truly believe that self-development is the seed for success, so our event programming reflects that — a weekend full of opportunities to learn to love yourself,” says DuBose. 

I have never seen myself grow so much until I joined the The Single Wives Club. Just a bit of transparency from me: Last year when I attended Single Wives Weekend, which was the second annual conference for The Single Wives Club, it was definitely a leap of faith for me. I registered late so therefore my ticket may have been a little bit more pricey. The rooms of the host hotel were sold out, so I had to find someone to room with. And with it being last-minute, plane tickets were through the roof (like almost as much is what I pay for rent and I am a Frugal Franny so I wasn’t paying that much for a plane ticket), therefore I took the nice scenic route by riding the Greyhound bus.

But seriously, the growth that I see within myself is amazing. Not only did I make a way to register early, but I also purchased a plane ticket at a  pretty affordable  price! Won’t God do it? That’s not it. Remember I had to share a bed last year? This year I had my own space to stay in thanks to! I saved $100 and rented a loft  just for me and one of the other SingleWife sisters and we had a blast! Talk about growth!

(Sorry I had to SLAY really quick an celebrate what WERK will do for you!)
Speaking of what WERK can do for you, Ms. DuBose is a beautiful testimony of that. Friday Oct. 30,2015 was the kick off event of Koereyelle’s Book Release party!
I am an avid listener of her WERK shops and conference calls and I remember her saying she will be a published author. She spoke that into existence! And less than a month later, she is almost sold out!

Now getting to business…

Day two of Werk Pray Slay, Koereyelle asked this simple question:

“Are you making the most of your life?”

Answer that question. Easily…Yes or No.


Thanks for being honest.  Now save these notes that I took and thank me later… 

Making the most of your life consists of the following:

Doing Whatever it takes. 
Take risks. 
Make sacrifices (I shared a bed and took a 12 hour bus ride  now look 😏)
Educate yourself (Hire a tutor, coach, do research!)
Learn the law of Reciprocity. The only way to guarantee continuous blessings is to be a continuous blessing.
Keep good people around you.

Wanna be your own boss? Koe taught me😏

Note the 3 B’s

Burn: Whatever is holding you back. Burn that bad habit. Let it go.
Build: Build on what’s working and what’s not working.
Believe: Faith creates opportunities that fear keeps you from every time.
Koereyelle started the Single Wives Club after leaving a very abusive relationship. That required her to let go of fear and tap into her faith. The result of her tapping into her faith is this world known empowering organization and now a published book! How was it accomplished? With her helpful book coach Lakia Brandenburg founder of Perfectly Imperfect Publishing.
Saturday at the Be Your Own Boss conference, Lakia grabbed me by asking,

“Why haven’t you finished your book?”

Being an author creates endless opportunities. Who doesn’t want endless opportunities? Just imagine radio interviews, speaking engagements, becoming an expert, keynote speaker, and even gracing the box office; all because you shared your story.
What is your story? What is your why?

“Your why is your passport you need to live the life you want to live,” says Lakia Brandenburg. 

Speaking of endless opportunities and faith. I found out about The Single Wives Club in Essence Magazine and I instantly fell in love. I’ve always been a fan of Essence Magazine but it’s even more fulfilling when I was able to sit side by side with Life, Relationship and Career Coach, Charreah Jackson who’s also the Lifestyle and Relationships Editor at Essence Magazine.
Listening to her speak made me appreciate myself more. Within minutes I learned to love myself more.

 “It is important as women of color where we can be all of us. In the best relationships are when we get to be ALL of who we are,” said Charreah.

 It was then that I realized that it’s okay for me to share that I:
Love God
Have an infatuation with clouds
Still get pimples sometimes
Love trap music
Still skip like I’m in the fifth grade
And more of my qwerkiness. Someone will love those things about me more than myself.
Talk about being filled with love so fast! But with loving yourself, you also have to love the God within yourself as well. Kim Jones Pothier aka @realtalkkim definitely brought Saturday’s event to a powerful close through her ministering.
She is a highly sought after conference speaker, life coach and mentor. As a true woman of God, she is fulfilling the purpose of her livlihood here on earth and serving to the masses. Pothier travels the world preaching and teaching thousands of people.

“The season you are in is that thing you were praying for,” said Kim Jones Pothier.

It was a very heartfelt reminder from Pothier that God hears. We just have to cling closer to God and not the world. Do you want to be popular or purposeful? “It’s more meaningful to have four quarters instead of 100 pennies,” says Pothier. Find those core people in your life that have been through different stages with you and keep them close.

The Dream Team of The Single Wives Club

I just want to say thank you to the Single wives club and the dream team that helped make work pray Slay so successful. I have only been a part of the organization for almost 2 years but I can already see the growth. I’ve learned by watching The Single Wives Club grow and see how it is to have a core team stick with you and stand by you. I don’t know the back story but I can tell that each woman in that core  group has each others back in that is what sisterhood is truly about.


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3 thoughts on “My Millennial Experience in Atlanta,GA During Werk Pray Slay Weekend

  1. Cynthia says:

    This was amazing and so true. As I was reading this I see how important it is not to let fear win and I have lots of work to do. I ‘m so proud of you Winnie, keep up the good job!

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