Anxiety and Dating:Tell it Tuesday w/ B.Parker

Everyone around you has a significant other. Your news feed on Facebook is filled with engagements and weddings. Instagram is full of couples who seem so happy. You’re instantly saddened, wanting to experience what they are.


We live in a world where you need to have or be someone’s Women Crush Wednesday or Man Crush Monday.

We base our importance off whether or not we have had a date recently.

Our worth increases when someone shows interest in us.

But it shouldn’t.

Our worth should not be based on whether or not we have someone to call ours.

You are worth so much more than flowers and dinner. Your worth does not lie in a relationship status on social media. Your worth does not lie within a hash tag.


You are worthy of love. It does not matter if you have not had a date in a few months, or a few years. Maybe you’ve never been on a date, or been in a relationship. You are not any less of a person, or loved any less.

I know being single can get lonely sometimes. But take this time to go enjoy life. Find a hobby you enjoy. Learn and better yourself.

Also, use this time to grow in your relationship with Jesus. You cannot be happy in a relationship if your relationship with Him is suffering.

The one thing I can tell you is that forcing your way into the dating world is not going to bring you happiness. I wanted for years to be in a relationship. Once I started going out on dates I realized that dating shouldn’t be rushed. All it brings is heartache when you’re doing it for the wrong reasons. Don’t force a relationship just so you can have an image.

So many people want to rush into things so it can be Facebook official. You will not be happy if that’s all you’re striving for.


You are worth it, and someone out there is going to be so lucky to have you. There is someone out there that God has specifically set aside just for you. You don’t have to go rushing through life to find them. You don’t have to force anything. Just be patient.

I know patience is not a virtue of many, and is definitely not one of mine.

But waiting for God to bring this person into your life is going to be well worth it! When you meet this person, you’ll understand why you it never worked with that person that broke your heart.

You’ll understand why you never had a boyfriend.

You’ll understand why you were single for so many years.

You’ll understand why that guy didn’t call you.

You’ll understand why that girl never paid attention to you.

You’ll understand why nothing worked out.

But you’ll be so happy it didn’t work the way you wanted.


God is writing your amazing love story! Being single is not a sign that you are unworthy. It’s a sign that you are waiting while God constructs a fairytale for you.

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