Mind of a Man Mondays|Maybe We Can Build

Dear Queen of my future,
Understand that with love, war is won. No other feeling could ever stand a chance of using all 5 senses to get a taste of your juices. How could you come and change me like that? It was God sent, I tell you the truth. I promise that I’m willing to understand who you really are on a forever basis. You’ve helped me grow on a level that only a Goddess could do for a God. Do you know how much you complete me? blacklove

God put you as the last piece of the puzzle to bring fulfillment in my life. All I want to do is elevate your inner queen and make you realize what the truth can be. Perfection is never the destination with God being the ruler. I understand that the illusion of love has teased you for some time, but don’t you dare give up on what are future holds. Will you have the faith of a mustard seed that knows the best is yet to come?

faithI know that you have prayed like I prayed for this moment to happen. Never in a million years would I imagine being soulfully connected with an Angel but dreams do come true. I can love you better than the definition. These words can only stay between you and me. Just know when I get on one knee it’s to unlock our fears and step into our destiny. Now will you take my hand or let it go? I want to create something that stands the test of time. So as I stare out this window with this ring in my pocket I ask myself “Is this Love?” I hope that you are reading this and the universe bonds us together through joy and happiness.


Your Future Husband

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Peace and Love,

Gerard McClure Jr.


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