Tell it Tuesday w/ B.Parker|How To Pray When Life Isn’t Going Your Way

Sometimes we become scared. Like a child afraid of the dark.

New parents often become fearful after realizing they are now responsible for a life.

A college student may face anxiety about moving away from home for the first time.Hug

Sometimes we are fearful of every day things. Maybe you don’t fit in the categories listed above, but you’re scared. Thoughts run through your mind like,

‘How will I pay this bill?’ 

‘How will I feed myself this week?’

‘Will that STD test come back negative or positive?’

We all experience fear in our lives, how we deal with these situations is the key though.

For me, I usually allow the anxiety to take over. I keep everything held inside, and then eventually it all consumes me, and I can’t control my emotions, and I break down.

I’ve realized these last few days that stressing out and being scared of things isn’t going to make those situations go away.

I can stress about money, but that won’t allow more money to appear in my pockets.

I can be scared of tomorrow, but that won’t make me feel any more peace.

I can worry about how I’m going to buy groceries but that won’t put food in my refrigerator.

Being scared fixes nothing. All it does is wear you down.


If we want peace, we have to have a peaceful mindset. We cannot expect peace if we have constant worries and doubts floating in our minds. We can’t live unafraid if we are terrified about each moment.

One thing I’ve found that helps is when I start to become scared, I automatically tell myself, ‘It’ll work out’. That might seem pointless, but telling yourself that it’ll work out helps you believe it. Don’t allow doubt to creep in. Don’t allow negativity to steal away the peace God wants you to have. Even if you don’t understand why you only have $20 dollars in your bank account, and your $150 bill is due tomorrow, trust God. Talk to God and pray as if He’s already answered your prayer; because you know what? He has!

imagesWe don’t know how God plans to work miracles but having faith reassures you that everything will work out for your good. Even if you have health results that come back showing a health scare, trust God. Even if you didn’t score the greatest on a test you studied really hard for, trust God. No matter how small the situation, or how big, trusting God is the most important thing you can do. God can give you peace. God can give you understanding. You simply have to give all your cares unto Him, and trust Him.


Philippians 4:7 “And the peace of God, which surpasses all comprehension, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.”

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