Monday’s Bliss w/ Tatianah Green: Are You Marriage Worthy?

Are you wifey material? Last weekend I had lunch with a friend and a new colleague. The new colleague is a married Nigerian man and he gave us some insight on his culture. He especially focusedbrideprice on relationships and marriage. At lunch, he informed us about the wild popularity of this app in Nigeria called BridePrice. I played with the app. It’s a mix between a joke and some of the attributes that constitute the value of a bride. Then, her suitor would then have their families discuss the dowry or gifts given to the bride’s family for her hand in marriage.

What determines a high value/worth for a bride?

Our Editor In Chief, Winnie Caldwell, even played with the app and received this certificate! She's ready for her suitor now right?

Our Editor In Chief, Winnie Caldwell, even played with the app and received this certificate! She’s ready for her suitor now right?

On the app, you can rate yourself or someone else (friend or enemy) by their physical features down to beyLeg Shape (there was a “legs like Beyonce” option), Education Level, Cooking Skills, Nationality, Spirituality and Personality. At the end of it all I even racked up to 715,000 Naira of Nigerian currency. Now I may have achieved “Super Premium Babe” status, not every woman does per say.

Although, who exactly determines a woman’s worth?

Whether it’s a light hearted joke like Bride Price or something you’ve learned as an adult, we have to recognize that our worth comes from God and is the foundation of who we are as women. Proverbs 31 tells us that a virtuous woman is worth more than rubies. proverbsJesus tells His disciples that we are worth more than sparrows. The word constantly reminds us of our worth, while the world constantly attempts to make us question it. Remember that the enemy’s tactics are to get you to doubt, question and reconsider something that God has already said about you. When the world tells you you’re not worth having the man of your dreams, you declare the promises of God over your life. You will bring good and no harm to your spouse, a crown of glory to your husband.

When the world tries tries to make you feel less than, so that you can buy into what they’re selling; remind yourself of Psalms:

  • You are fearfully and wonderfully made.
  • You were carefully thought of and created with love and purpose in mind. Many are the thoughts that God has for His creation!
  • A woman’s worth in this world is essentially priceless.
  • Everyday a woman is making strides to defeat the obstacles and glass ceilings placed in her way.
  • You are very worthy of respect and love. Anything less than that from a man or anyone else is not someone you should entertain.
  • It is possible to maximize your value or worth as a woman. If you pursue your purpose and live it out for God, He can enlarge your territory and give you more than you thought you even deserved.
Your worth is activated when you realize you have it. Cherish yourself and develop in your purpose and relationship with God and people will recognize what God saw in you all along.If you have an issue recognizing your worth I encourage you to remember Christ’s love as it was best displayed on the cross. You were worth saving. You are worth living for eternity with Him. You are worth dying for. That means there’s so much that you have to contribute in this life, all to the glory of our worthy Father. No matter your looks or your background, you matter and you are worthy.
Be blessed my sisters,

Tatianah Green

Founder of

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