The Man on the Billboard

A remarkable and touching piece by a blogger friend of mine. It’s sad that St. Louisans can barely go a week without loved ones dying. This man’s efforts will not go to be ignored. Just as he made a dedication to do what was necessary to influence change in the black community, we need to take that stand as well.

Mind of a Bourgeois Black Girl

On October 17th, 2014 Robert Edward Torrence was shot while standing in the front yard of his home; his life slipped away a few hours later and he was no longer Robert Torrence he was homicide victim number 117. Before October 17th, 2014 Robert who was often called King was more than just a number; he was a father of 4 amazing children, a brother and a son, he was also my friend. He was not a thug or a drug dealer he was not the intended target; but the streets seem to take no prisoners and show no mercy.

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