#SandySpeaks | Just As Black Women Are Climbing The Corporate Ladder, Black Women Seem to Be The Next Target of Police Brutality

“I can’t wait to get the job of my dreams, the career God has created for me, so I can kill myself,” said no one ever. Though, this is the thought Waller County Jail in Houston, Texas is feeding the media about Sandra Bland.

Who is Sandra Bland?

Sandra Bland

Sandra Bland

Sandra Bland was recently offered a position at her Alma Mater, Texas Prairie View A&M. Bland left her home in Chicago, Ill. behind to start a new journey in Waller County, TX. Bland was also known for being very open and inspiring on social media. Bland was also open about police brutality. Bland even admitted to suffering depression and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) for sometime. Though, she also shared that God removed that negative energy from her.

Even going through PTSD and Depression, Bland still inspired. Depression and PTSD are prevalent most when an individual is struggling with finances, stability, relationships and more. I honestly don’t believe this had anything to do with her death. Bland was offered an amazing position, so why miss out on that opportunity?

This is why Bland missed her job opportunity. What I do believe attributed to her death was the fact she was slammed on her head while being arrested. Why was she arrested? For improper lane change.

Now hold up!

Now hold up!

I know for a fact hundreds of people drive without properly changing lanes. Does that mean its right? No. But Bland did not deserve to be pulled out of her car and slammed to the ground. Do police give tickets to black people anymore? Can we stop the brutality? Maybe they didn’t directly kill this woman. But being slammed on your head and being left in a cell without medication will lead to death.

I am very saddened by this. I find it very interesting that black women are being targeted more now. Now that we are climbing the corporate ladder. Now that we are rising above other races as entrepreneurs.



We may never truly know the real story. But we know what she was capable of, and she was not a threat to society. She was only a threat to those who weren’t ready for her to prosper. Funny thing is, if she were alive to tell her story, it would be more explosive than a volcano. But because she is NOT here, her story still erupted and as a black woman who is career driven, I will make sure her story is known and heard. Just as Ferguson received heavy press for the death of Mike Brown, this woman deserves the same.

This situation would’ve happened to anyone. And the fact that it was a woman, is disgusting. Men are here to protect. Police are supposed to protect and serve.

Where did we go wrong?

Prayers up for her friends and family. May God be with you and justice be served.

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