Mind of a Man Mondays| 3 Ways To Keep Haters Out of Your Business Plan

In our journey to success or accomplishing the ultimate goal, comes with trial and error. Do you get in a rut sometimes? Even when things have been going right? The enemy finds a way to creep in our minds to tear us down, unfortunately it takes a while to understand why. I was at business event not too long ago and one of the speakers was discussing on what really holds us back from the success we want to have. There were three points I jotted down that I knew had affected me or was affecting me at that time. I want to share them with you so that hopefully somebody experiencing one of these can recognize it and change for the better.

  1. Worrying about Others Opinions  opinions

The worse thing than not listening to yourself is listening to someone else you know is wrong. You have the vision and the last thing you need is someone trying to steer you away from it. Do you ever wonder, ‘Why are the people who have harsh opinions of our dreams, the same people who are closest to us?’ It could be family, friends, or spouse. They may say it can’t be done or maybe you should consider something else. People only do this because in their minds they are protecting you from harm. Don’t let that deter you because anything is possible. What you can’t do is allow them to stop you from what God called you to do. You are not limited to your family’s path. If they are successful or not, God has you here for a specific duty. When a task is on your heart, go for it. Your friends and family had a dream and may not have fulfilled it. You have the reality and are living in the purpose God aligned for you. Stay in that flow.

  1. Fear

We all experience some type of fear that we must break through to reach the next level. As we continue to break through our fears life opens up more and more. Feel the fear and do it anyway. What you have to realize is, the moment that you start living in your purpose, on purpose, is when the enemy gets upset. Life seems easy when you’re just the average Joe (or Jane). But when you take that leap of faith to be above average, you are always saved by grace. Have the faith to not allow fear to keep you away from your fortune.

  1. Lack of Discipline

Lack of discipline can affect us all at some point if we are not aware. Doing what we say we’re going to do can be easy and also hard if we don’t practice it everyday. FOCUS. The success we receive comes from what we do daily. Analyze what’s pushing you forward and what’s holding you back everyday. Consistency will help us all become more disciplined and successful.

I hope that this will help and hopefully awaken you to what could possibly be stopping you from getting over the hump. I want us all to succeed at the highest level. I thank you for taking the time out to check out Mind of a Man Mondays.

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Peace and Love

Gerard McClure


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