Blissful Mondays w/Tatianah Green| The Importance of Praying For Our Men

It’s a great feeling to have genuine support behind you, especially when times get difficult.

A male friend and I were discussing challenges and he asked me to pray for him. It was interesting because he’s who I’d consider a brother in Christ and a good friend entrusting me to intercede on his behalf.

It led to ask:

How often do we pray for the men in our lives?

We have to pray for and with our men.

We’re just coming out of Father’s Day, a day that’s often overlooked in comparison to Mothers Day. There are even some cards that are directed to the mom on Father’s Day, which to me is unfortunate. More than ever, we need to support the men in our lives and cover them in prayer. Ladies, we are gifted in so many ways from God to be a blessing to the men in our lives. We offer peace, love, help, wisdom, discretion and much more. It’s in a godly man’s best interest to pursue a woman of virtue and godly character as well. If you are waiting for such a man to come, your single season is a great time to support the men (friends, family, etc.) in your life.

Women who desire to be married or be in great relationships with men can start off by supporting our men. Women have to go through so much but men take on many stresses in life as well. Though, I ask again; are we covering the men in our lives in prayer?

Here are a few suggestions when it comes to praying for the men in your life:
1. Pray for God to continue to be their guide: 

Proverbs tells us that a man makes plans in his heart but it’s the will of the Lord that will be established. A man who is humble enough to learn from and follow God is a man worth submitting to. I feel that women today have trouble in the idea of submitting to a man in part because that man in question may not be totally submitted to Christ. You can pray for all the men in your life, including your future husband, to be led by the Spirit of God and not solely his desires.

2. Pray for his mind:
Pray that God will renew his mind daily as in Christ. This is not an easy thing to do in these challenging times we live in today. To renew ones mind in Christ is to love and live as Jesus would do. There’s a peace that comes with doing things God’s way and not your own. Pray that the men in your life don’t try to figure everything out on their own or rely on their strength but to give it all to God and not take on all the stress the world will try to place on their shoulders.

3. Pray for their freedom:
So many men are bound by structures in society that try to confine then in a simple box called “manhood.” Society and friends are big Influences for men and they need to know that they too are fearfully and wonderfully made as in Psalms 139. There are plenty of men in the Bible who were not limited in how they express emotion. Pray that the men in your life are free from outside pressures that go against who they are as individuals with emotions. Pray for the freedom to be able to express how they feel and not get trapped in cyclical self destructive behaviors.

It’s easy to complain about men. We tend to complain how there are not enough good men or most need to change something about them. Though, we as women and sisters in the body of Christ should take that energy and intercede for the men.

So now I am curious, ladies, how do you support the men in your lives?

Yours truly,

Tatianah Green

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