CONTEST ALERT!Why Do You Love The Wire Hanger By Winnie??

Recently, I attended an Alive Magazine Blogger event at the BooCatClub lounge! There I met a plethora of amazing bloggers in St. Louis, and even more amazing businesses here in St. Louis!

One business, Throwboy, stood out to me. Their booth was covered in pillows! But not just regular sleeping pillows. They were emoji pillows!

As a blogger and professional texter, I immediately fell in love. So I had to learn more!

These amazing pillows are found at

“As a child, Throwboy Founder and CEO Roberto Hoyos was taught to sew by his grandmother, a Peruvian seamstress. He made clothes for his toys in the attic, a cozy, fabric-filled room with a shag carpet.

In 2006, he hand-sewed 7 pillows shaped like Mac icons as a gift for a geek girl. The tech company she worked for blogged about them, and the post went viral. Roberto had the idea to create a unique pillow brand for people like himself who wanted to express their love for technology in their homes and lives, so he founded Throwboy to create fun, high-quality throw pillows based on pop culture.

Throwboy quickly grew from its roots in the online world, and has been growing ever since. Building a community worldwide through Twitter, YouTube and other sites, Throwboy found its niche and flourished.”

Throwboy says thank you to everyone who has supported their business over the years!

BUT as a major supporter of TheWireHangerByWinnie, Throwboy has given me two of my favorite emoji pillows!

What emoji?? This one! The famous heart eyes. I am so full of love I have to share the love with you as a loyal follower!



Follow @thewirehangerbywinnie and @throwboy on Instagram

Make a Instagram and/or Twitter post with why you LOVE The Wire Hanger By Winnie [Be Creative! This is a contest!Hint: Consider your favorite blog post, writer (Winnie, B. Parker, Tatianah, or Gerard McClure), topic found right here on TWHBW!]

Tag @thewirehangerbywinnie and @throwboy in your post

Use hashtag #LovingTheWireHanger

Visit this blog post again and comment ‘Completed’ once you’ve completed your entry!


*The winner will be announced Friday, May 29th at 11am CST! All entries must be complete by Thursday, May 28th at 11:59pm!*

Thank you in advance! I love you all….let the entries begin! 🙂

Yours Truly,

Winnie Caldwell


Founder of

 Want to connect with Throwboy? Follow them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram or Snapchat @Throwboy!

Throwboy: Happiness you can hold™

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