Mind of a Man Mondays|Good VS. Ratchet

Why do men choose the “Ratchets” over the Good Ones?”

This something I’ve been hearing for years from the older and younger generation of women.

To be honest that’s easy and hard to answer because the word ratchet gets thrown out there so loosely people get confused. I don’t use it too often unless that woman is just doing way too much to fit the description on purpose. I think back to when I was a young dude and first saw the Rump Shaker video or any Uncle Luke video.


I know other dudes worldwide seen the same ratchet stuff growing up that shaped our subconscious to be accustomed to wanting that type of woman all the time. If that man is not taught the difference between a “Good Woman” and a “Ratchet Female” growing up he may choose the ratchets over the good woman in the beginning stages.


He may even stay in that mindset for a while until he experiences life and realizes his purpose which is something you have no control over.  You as women have the power of choice not to let that affect you as a person because one loss doesn’t define who you are. I just always say be a lady in the streets and a freak in the sheets which is totally old school, but still relevant in this current times.


The media will always and forever push the raunchy and ratchet in our faces, but you all have the power to build the women up where you are currently at so the ratchets will become nonexistent in the years to come.


Speaking of spreading a message, if you have aspirations to coauthor or write your own book I have a great connection with the Professional Women Publishing Company that can definitely show how to go about the process. Thanks again for checking out Mind of a Man Mondays. If you ladies have topics you want me to discuss in future, comment and ill make sure I take them into consideration.

Peace and Love.

Gerard McClure Jr.

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