Tell It Tuesday w/B. Parker|What if Jesus Gave Up?

I’ve done a lot more thinking and reflecting this year, than I ever have before. With Easter recently passing, I’ve thought a lot about the whole meaning of it all. I know Easter is over now, but that’s no reason to stop reflecting on the meaning behind it, which I believe we should do every day.

Growing up, I always knew that Jesus died for our sins. We’re taught that in Sunday School, and we have it stuck in our brains. Easy concept, right?


Wasn’t until this Easter I really thought about it. I mean truly thought about it.

The agonizing pain Jesus went through. The torture and humiliation. How easily it would have been for Him to just give up and come down from the cross. How He could have threw in the towel, so to speak, and not followed through with what was meant to happen.


When I think about all He went through, I’m amazed.

Not just because of what He endured. Yes, Jesus endured a lot, I mean, more than we can ever even fathom! But I think about How He went through all this, for us. For me and you.

I’m in amazement that He would go through this trial, of being placed on this cross, and all the other things that came along with it, and He went through it all, for billions of people that weren’t even existing yet. Some that He knew would never even acknowledge Him.

We go through worldly pains, and we feel as if we’re being tortured. We get embarrassed because of something that happens, and feel humiliated. We sometimes don’t even want to help a stranger. Sometimes we don’t even want to help a family member or friend, yet alone billions of people we’ve never met. We also give up way too soon, or just give up in general.

We give up. We say it’s too much to handle. We say that the trials we are facing, aren’t worth it. We blame Jesus for not taking away the pain. We blame Him for not intervening.

Yet, He went through something we can never understand. Something that I am for sure, without a shadow of doubt, if we were to experience it, we would have given up from the very start. I’m not sure we would have even made it to the cross, and if we did, we would have given up, and come down.

Why? Because we cannot save ourselves. We simply can’t.

We are of this world, and we need someone who is not. Someone who has the power to save every single one of us from each sin we commit.

We need Jesus, more than you could ever imagine.

Yet, He didn’t give up. He knew that the trials were meant to be. He knew what God had planned, and He didn’t try to change it.


So why do we? I mean, what we experience in our lives will never compare to what Jesus experienced that day. But we give up. We then turn against Jesus for it.

Jesus didn’t turn against God, even though I’m sure we would have.

So although Easter has passed, take time to think about it. Because to me, there are 364 more days to reflect on this selfless act. An act that saved us, and will continue to save us.

Imagine what would have happened if Jesus just gave up.

Yours Truly,

Brittany Parker