Mind of a Man Mondays|The Independent Woman

When I think of the independent woman, I think of the song “Heaven Must Be Like This”

There is no comparison to a beautiful woman that’s actually putting in the work to reach her dream. Watching my mom grow from a 17 year old girl working at McDonalds making $3.25 in 1988, to now being one of the top nurses in Missouri as a single parent of two, I understand a little bit what putting in the work, is about. I believe every woman, whether you classify yourself as independent or not should be aspiring towards a bigger goal in  life; a goal that will leave a legacy for the future ladies coming up to follow.


My experience dealing with the ‘independent woman’ has always been the greatest because I’m handling my business as well so dealing with a like-minded woman is a plus. As a young man, knowing you have a woman with a drive like yours is very encouraging in the growth process. I sometimes dislike like the term independent woman because of how society tries to classify you all as women who purposely act like they don’t need anyone and can do everything with bad attitudes.


I’ve came across women like this but, would never put all women in that category because that would be ignorant.

I also understand that every woman that’s independent is not looking for a relationship. I encourage you all to continue to put your all into your dreams because the world needs to see your ideas. If you’re that independent woman that’s looking to start building long term, but can’t find the one in your home state, you better step out of your comfort zone and leave the state and travel more.


There are billions of human beings on this earth that’s like-minded as you are and you won’t meet them staying where you are. You have too much to offer to be dealing with anything less than the best.

I’m one that believes in building the woman up so I will recommend two books for you all to read. These two books will def help yall grow ladies.

Think and Grow Rich by Napolean Hill


 Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki


Thank Me Later! Continue to progress into the women you imagine yourselves to and always believe in yourself.

Peace and Love,

Gerard McClure Jr.

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