Lady’s 1st|Bay Area Organization Sends Teen Girls to Prom

Chivalry. Many people say it’s dead. I refuse to believe so. Thank God I am not alone. For those of you who may not know, chivalry is also known as courtliness or the act of courting.


The Bay area  organization, Lady’s 1st,is reintroducing chivalry in an amazing way. Simply put in the name of the organization, reminding young girls, that ladies come first! Through leadership, unity and self love, these girls will learn great things.

Though Lady’s 1st is more than mindful to courtship. Lady’s 1st stands for:

L– leadership A– action D– determination Y– youth S– succeed


About: Lady’s 1st  

The Lady’s 1st foundation is dedicated to mentoring high school girls on life preparedness after high school. Topics include health awareness, entrepreneurship, education, etiquette, charity, relationships and more.

How is Lady’s 1st actively helping these teens?

1st annual prom giveaway:

This prom season Lady’s 1st will be sponsoring prom fees for one eligible high school student. Lady’s 1st is implementing the 10/100 campaign: Which simply consists of $10 donations from 100 people. The Wire Hanger By Winnie has already made a contribution! The 10/100 campaign is an annual campaign that benefits the prom give-away and annual fundraising events. This an amazing opportunity. An amazing opportunity for young adults to inspire teen girls and encourage them into a great future! Help send a special lady to prom today!

Just a $10 Donation would help send a young lady to prom!

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Would you like to join the Lady’s 1st team?


Lady’s is recruiting for the following:
Board of directors
Advisory committee
Student advisory committee
Contributing writers

Ashley Kelley
Founder of Lady’s 1st Foundation

Instagram: @ladys1st_fdn
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