How To Make a 7 Figure Income By Blogging

I am super excited! Why? Because I am attending the Blogging While Brown conference in Austin TX this year! I have never attended a blogging conference before so I am super excited.


“Blogging While Brown is more than a conference, it is a community – an incubator of creativity, collaboration and sustainability for emerging leaders in digital media and social change. We’ve been around since 2007 and our evolution has mirrored the explosion of social media’s impact in our daily lives.
Since its launch in 2008, Blogging While Brown has grown to become the premier blogging conference dedicated to education, collaboration, and innovation among bloggers of color. The conference brings Black social media experts, speakers, and independent content creators together to expand their influence in social media and technology. The conference offers an opportunity to learn tools and strategies to build engaging and dynamic online platforms, leverage online engagement for offline results, and create sustainable business and activism models.”


“Blogging While Brown is one of the greatest gatherings of Black intergenerational and interdisciplinary genius on the planet. Combined, they reach over 40+ million unique visitors every month. It’s a joy to see these creative, tech savvy people together.

— Gina McCauley, Blogging While Brown Founder

Saturday Keynote:The Million Dollar Blog Formula

Presented by Ronnie and Lamar Tyler of Black and Married with Kids

I have been to many social media conferences as an attendee and a speaker.  There are not two speakers who are more generous with information than Ronnie and Lamar Tyler of Black and Married With Kids.  They are as passionate about supporting independent content creators as I am. That’s why I personally invited them to present the Saturday Keynote at the 2015 Blogging While Brown Conference: The Million Dollar Blog Formula.

The Tylers will share how they built a blog that started in the corner of their master bedroom into an international brand that has grossed over one million dollars in revenue. The Tylers will share insight, results, hacks and profit maximizers.  Attendees will get an exclusive behind-the-curtain look at what it takes to build a 7-figure blog business and learn what they can start doing right now to get there!

Attendees will learn:

  • Systems to use and implement that will drive more revenue no matter the blog size.
  • How the Tylers use analytics to develop content, products and relationships with brands.
  • How the Tylers use multiple streams of income to secure financial security and what those streams are.

About the Tylers:

Lamar and Ronnie Tyler make up the husband and wife power pair behind Black and Married with Kids. Fed up with the pervasive negative images of black marriage in the media, Lamar and Ronnie started the site to combat the negativity by focusing on positive messages about marriage in the black community. Armed with a passion for empowering married couples and a knowledge of how to leverage social media, Ronnie and Lamar have taken Black and Married with Kids from a small personal blog to an international brand under their own Tyler New Media umbrella that also boasts four independently produced films and a social media presence that includes over 450,000 Facebook fans.

Yes, You Need to Hear The Tylers Live!
Blogging While Brown speakers don’t just jet in and out. They stick around to interact with our attendees. Register for Blogging While Brown so you don’t miss the opportunity to interact with Ronnie and Lamar live.

I want you to win,

Gina McCauley
Founder, Blogging While Brown

Can you understand why I am so excited now?

ImGoingI have never been to Austin, TX so I will also see a new city, meet new people and learn so much to expand The Wire Hanger By Winnie! Getting closer to celebrating 3 years of blogging, I would definitely like to end 2015 by being even more successful as a blogger, not just because of my passion, but also because I am blogging for God. Interested in blogging for business?


Have a blog that you’ve abandoned for years? Don’t have a blog at all? No worries! I am also happy to announce that I am also an affiliate of this event as well! Yes this is my first official blogging event, and I am an affiliate. Won’t He do it?? 🙂 So as thanks to God for this opportunity, let me help you. If you register for the Blogging While Brown Conference by using the provided link above, I will offer my service to you for free. You have three freebies to choose from!
-Free Startup Blog Consultation (35 min phone conference on how I can start your blog for you.)
-Free Creative Direction (Looking for your niche? Allow me to help you)
-Free Bio Write Up (The other bloggers need to know you right?)

Talk to you soon!!

2 thoughts on “How To Make a 7 Figure Income By Blogging

  1. Gracie Love says:

    I began blogging in August 2014. (I took a pause in November because of a family tragedy) Writting about relationships is my passion. I’ve written about thirty articles so far. I would love to take my blogging to the next level to earn income. If possible, please send me information that will point me in the right direction. Thank you.

    • thewirehangerbywinnie says:

      The Blogging While Brown conference would be great!! I would definitely advise maybe blogging on product reviews or book reviews for income or free products…advertising for companies generate income also! Click the link in the post to learn more about Blogging While Brown!

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