Tell It Tuesday w/B. Parker|Be Brave. Say Yes.

Be brave.

Be brave enough to say yes, when you are so used to saying no.

Be brave enough to go after that one thing that you want so badly.

Be brave enough to not hide your passions, but to go after your dreams.

Go after that dream that keeps you awake at night.

Go towards it, and don’t look back.


Looking back is not going to get you anywhere. So don’t look in any direction except


Go with your heart, even when your mind is screaming no.

Go with your feelings even when someone tells you that you’re crazy.

Don’t let that person keep you from living your life.

Be brave.

Say what you think. What you have to say is worth saying.

What you think is important, and how you feel is important.

Don’t let someone tell you differently.

This year God has told me over and over to just be brave. I’m not saying you need to be brave enough to go sky diving, or brave enough to speak in front of a crowd. You don’t need to get over your biggest fear. You just need to be open to being brave.

You’ll know what the moment is when it happens. That moment in your life when you want to go forward, but you feel like maybe you shouldn’t; that’s the moment when you need to be brave.

Trust your heart. You won’t regret it, and if for the slight chance you do, it was a lesson worth learning.

You are meant to change the world. You are here to impact the world. Each person has his or her own story to tell, and there all different. So maybe being brave is the way to ignite that light that is your life. Don’t be afraid to ignite the light.

Whether it’s accepting a new job that pays less than where you are now, but it’s something you’re passionate about, or saying yes to date and you’re scared to start that chapter. Or maybe choosing a college major that no one else agrees with. Or like me, writing this post and allowing the world to see it.

Every day you are given the choice to be brave. Whether it’s a big choice or a small one, you’re still given it. So say yes to that job, say yes to the date, say yes to the major, just say yes.


Don’t be scared to live the life you want because you fear what others might think. If you want to go after your dream, go. If you want to make a change in your life, do it. Don’t wait for another day that you think you might have the courage, because you won’t. You will never be fully ready to be brave. Be brave now.

God will never give you too much to handle, and He’s placing things into your life for a reason. So be brave, and say yes to those things.

Deuteronomy 31:6 Be strong and courageous. Do not fear or be in dread of them, for it is the Lord your God who goes with you. He will not leave you or forsake you.”


Yours Truly,

Brittany Parker