Nise Daniels: The Wife. The Girlfriend. The Mother. Part III

It was time. My ringing phone interrupted my thoughts of what my future held reminded me that I to deal with the present. It was my husband calling me. “Hello” I answered. “What’s up, you called me” he said. “Yes, I did. Listen to me very carefully. I have something to tell you and this isn’t easy for me, so please listen to me”. I said to him. Then he says “I already know. Your actions…your behavior says it all. So tell me. Is it the guy that I asked you about before?” I said “Yes”. He replies “Okay, okay”. Then he says to me “Do you mind if I tell your mom? She’s my only friend”. I roll my eyes and exhale. I’m thinking to myself like really? This is an issue between us. Why are you trying to involve others?? But because I felt bad and since this was his only request, I told him I didn’t care. He hung up the phone. Now I find myself mentally preparing to explain myself to my parents. My “perfect” image is now being tarnished because that skeleton is now floating out of my closet. As I told you, this behavior was not characteristic of the woman I really am. Tears filled my eyes and I become hysterical. I’ve got to get out of here. My husband’s response is way too calm. Was this the calm before the storm? I had to contact my supervisor and let her know that I had to leave work ASAP.
I now needed to call my lover. I needed to let him know what was going on. Since my husband had previously accused us before, I didn’t know if he’d attempt to contact him or what he may do. I dug thru my purse to find my cell phone and dialed his number. “Lance, it’s Nise. Listen. My husband knows what’s been going on between us”. I said. He says “What? Why? Ummmm….okay. I need to leave work. I need to go and tell my wife because I don’t want her to find out from anyone else what’s been going on”. He sounded a bit annoyed. I couldn’t understand why since he told me he wanted to be with me. So this was the perfect opportunity for this to happen. I told him okay and asked him to call me later. I told him I would need him. As soon as I hung up the phone with him, my mother was calling. Oh God. Here we go. Inhale. Exhale. My mother asked me what was going on and I just went ahead and told her what she already knew. She was somewhat disgusted with me as she was a woman whose husband had cheated on her. She couldn’t believe it. I was saddened by the fact that I had let her down and I wasn’t the person that she thought I was. She asked me where I was and I told her I was heading out of town and that I couldn’t face my husband. She told me to turn around and to come and get my children. She told me that there was no point in running away. She said I needed to face the issues. I didn’t want to do that. I wanted to spend the evening with my lover. We no longer had to hide. I didn’t want to spend this time talking to my husband. But because I hadn’t heard anything from my lover, I decided that I would just go on back home.
Here I am once again mentally preparing myself to deal with my husband. I really didn’t want to. I just wanted to begin the process of divorce and start my new life with my lover. A couple of hours had passed and I still hadn’t heard from Lance. What was going on? He needed to let his wife know he was leaving and that was that. In my mind, it was just that simple. I finally made it back into town and was pulling into my driveway. It was kind of late, so I knew my kids would be sleeping. I hated that because I absolutely did not want to talk to my husband. I walked up the stairs of the porch, stuck the key in the door and walked into my home. There was my husband. Sitting on the sofa, obviously waiting on me to talk.

-Nise Daniels

The life of Nise Daniels: My life. My mistakes. Your lesson.


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