How My Faith Led Me to Promote Career Confidence

Have you ever felt that things in your life happen for a reason? Have you ever wondered why you had to endure certain life lessons? Well a lot of times, God allows us as humans to experience certain things, to guide and prepare others. Michele Badie, is here to do just that. She has opened her heart to us here at The Wire Hanger by Winnie, to share how her faith has led her to the title she has now, Career Confidence Coach.

“My journey to becoming a career confidence blogger/coach had started long before I started my blog, Career Tipper. Naturally I’m a cheerleader for people and my desire to help people experience better for themselves. In sharing that, the depth of being grateful for the different professional roles in the education, staffing, retail, non-profit, and beauty industries.

The experiences have taught me about best business practices, understanding and respecting diversity, individuality, being true to the mission of the company and how to be my best self. All lessons have led me to helping different professionals connect to their career tipping moments. Including revelations of the need to change or the need to be still. Removing the self-imposed limits and most importantly confidence in their skills and abilities to persistently and passionately accomplish their career goals.

I’m grateful for mentors and a variety members of leadership in different roles and companies that I’ve met throughout my professional journey. I appreciate them taking an interest in my professional development, processing professional lessons with a business perspective. Consistently having an optimistic attitude of giving my best while focusing on what I can control in different business settings. I control how I respond to people and situations. I chose to be ethical in business interactions with integrity.

Through it all my faith has kept me humble and operating in integrity. My faith has driven me not to be complacent in my efforts to accomplish my professional goals. I aim and want to experience God’s best and prosper in all areas of my life. Professionally God’s grace has connected me to amazing opportunities that have gifted me sound business sense that is always evolving.

Each gifted moment has prompted me to dream bigger, draw closer to God through prayer and supplication. My heart is full of gratefulness for God chose me to be able to connect soulfully with professionals to release negative mindsets and embrace theirs professional path and develop their legacy. My professional blessings motivate me to be a blessing to other professionals. Encouraging them to move past their perceived career setbacks and fears.

I have enjoyed creating and sharing resources (i.e. a phone app, journal, career confidence course and career guides) and watering seeds of greatness rooted in others to bloom strong. Bloom, prune and pursue their career legacy. I’m grateful that through my blog, Career Tipper I’m fulfilling and honoring one of my divine callings of cheering people on to be their best. Today and every day I wish you a career confident day.”

About the Author:


Michele Badie is a career confidence blogger and coach. Her tenure as a career services professional ignited her to launch her blog to assist and elevate professionals in different stages of their career and various industries to be confident in their career moves and choices. Michele values her faith that serves as the operational foundation of the woman she chooses to be professionally. She  resides in Central Florida and enjoys new adventures with family and friends.

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