Tell It Tuesday w/B. Parker | Does God Hear You?

I’ll admit it. Sometimes I feel like I’m praying to the wall.

I feel like God doesn’t hear my prayers. See my tears. Understand my pain.


But, I know that’s not true. Which might be why it’s so hard. To know that the person that could make all your pain go away, hears you but doesn’t heal you. Sees your tears, but doesn’t do anything to stop them.

Maybe that’s why it’s hard. Knowing you’re prayers aren’t being answered, and you feel ignored.

Sometimes I want to stop praying. Stop trusting Him. I feel like my words are pointless, and I’m being ignored.

But I soon stop myself.

I refuse to allow myself to stop praying. I refuse to allow myself to stop believing.

Even though I might be upset that I am in so much pain and God is doing nothing (that I can see), I won’t stop trusting Him.

God has a reason. God has a rhyme. God has a plan. And I trust Him.

No matter how many tears I cry at night. No matter how many times I scream out to Him. No matter how many times I tell Him, ‘I am done’. No matter what, I will always trust Him. It might be hard, but my prayers will never stop. My faith will never disappear. And that’s how I will get through the days.

These last few days have been really hard. I have wanted so badly to give up. I have screamed so many times at God, and I’ve felt betrayed by Him. I didn’t understand why I was being hurt, and why He wasn’t intervening.

But I must keep myself going. I must keep the joy inside, because peace can and will come in the morning. He won’t leave you.

So no matter what you’re going through, always remember He has never forsaken you, nor will He ever.

Beautiful woman watching sunset


You might not understand His ways, but I can promise you, He has what’s best for you in mind.

Trust Him, and never stop praying. He hears you, and He is here for you.

You just need to open your eyes, and heart, and believe it.

Yours Truly,

Brittany Parker