St. Louis Hip Hop Artist Turns Tests Into Testimonies

“Put in work…sooner or later, Jesus will be knocking down them doors.”

That is one of my favorite lines from ‘Work Miracles’ by Young Sic.


Young Sic was previously introduced here to The Wire Hanger By Winnie, because he made a beautiful tribute to the late Mike Brown.


Young Sic is a Hip Hop artist, but being a PK, aka a Pastor’s Kid, explains to me why he has no problem sharing his love for The Lord.

Recently relocating from St. Louis, MO to Atlanta, GA, being strong for the home-going of his mother who passed recently, and also getting married; all in one year, Young Sic knows what its like to see God work miracles. I am sure these aren’t the only life changing experiences he’s had recently, but these definitely require a lot of faith.


That’s why I decided to share this amazing song Young Sic shared with me.

“Work Miracles!”

He’s used his experiences to uplift others!

The Wire Hanger By Winnie: What inspired this song?

Young Sic: I wanted to try something new with my music. Since my father is a pastor and I don’t make gospel music, I wanted to step outside of my comfort zone and create something to bridge the genre gap.

TWHBW: Can we expect more inspirational songs from you?

Sic: Sure can, that is the new sound I am trying to capture. I want to combine Inspirational, Hip Hop, Gospel, Rock, into one big mixing pot and create a gumbo inspiring every walk of life.

TWHBW: What’s a miracle you’re thankful for?

Sic: I was sitting in my bedroom one day, cleaning my pistol. I didn’t know that there was a bullet in the chamber. While the gun was pointed at me, it went off right passed my head. I mentioned it in a song I recently recorded called “Life Is Funny.” The verse said, “My pops could’ve easily came home and found a 380 with my brains blown.”


TWHBW: Wow! Well I am glad you’re here. That’s most definitely a miracle. Speaking of which, how can people download or purchase ‘Work Miracles?’

Sic: Easy. Go to I can also be reached at and on Facebook; Carl Joyce LMT

Listen now!

2 thoughts on “St. Louis Hip Hop Artist Turns Tests Into Testimonies

  1. Carl Joyce,Sr. says:

    I’m proud of Carl for what ever direction he may chose but,I am 😊 over whelmed with this direction.Hold on son this is just the beginning.

  2. Emanuel Joyce-El says:

    My dear Nephew there are no limits for you in this life for rest assured that with God Al-mighty all things are possible. Your faith will lead you because by Faith you are made strong Spiritually. Keep up the good work and I will keep up the prayers for your continued successes!

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