Look Who’s In The Spotlight! |How to Get Your Resume Noticed!

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“Our resumes equate to a snapshot of your success, experiences and credentials. There is no need to be shy nor reluctant to confidently list what makes you qualified for a career move that you’re pursuing. During my tenure as a career services professional, I would see resumes that exuded confidence. Other resumes prompted a conversation of motivation that would encourage the candidate to move forward and toot their own horn and list their skills, abilities, and accomplishments. Writing resumes that warrant an interview invite is a niche skill that not everyone can do.

Winnie E. Caldwell is not only the blogger of The Wire Hanger By Winnie that deems herself a dreamer and doer. She is also a sought after resume writer that initially started offering résumé revising as an option to give back to the supporters of her blog if they donated to her GoFundMe campaign to build her blogging brand. Winnie’s resume services have become a full circle for her. She took resume writing classes years ago and remained current through research and mentors that are hiring professionals. Winnie is a St. Louis, MO native that has that “Show Me” state mentality. She applies that same intellect to the clients she works with when revising their resumes. In the interview below Winnie shares how she helps her clients confidently shine bright in an application tracking system and get noticed.”

-Michele Badie, Career Confidence Coach


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