Haute Hair with Joi Lewis|Closing 2014 with Style

Meet Joi Lewis.


Now earlier this year Lewis was announced as a new addition to TWHBW. Though, I thought before the close of 2014, it’d be best to formally introduce her! Being a long time client and also friend, Lewis is helping me to accomplish confidence in my hair! Check out the interview below to see why clients keep returning to Lewis’ chair!

The Wire Hanger by Winnie: Hey Mrs. Lewis! I am so happy to feature you! First, for anyone visiting the STL area, where can you be found?


Ladies of Voila! Studio Salon!

Joi Lewis: Voila! Studio Salon Natural Hair Head Quarters

7805 Olive Blvd St. Louis MO








TWHBW: What is your specialty?

JL: Braiding, weaving, and Healthy Hair! IMG_3791 TWHBW: How long have you been styling personally and professionally?

JL: Personally since I was 12 years old. Professionally for 7 years now!

TWHBW: Where do you hope to take your career within the next 5 years?

JL: Within the next 5 years I am looking to expand my brand, in which I have been looking to own my own hairline as well as offer hair products!

TWHBW: Nice! What keeps you pursuing your career in cosmetology?

JL: Well I’ve decided to further my education by pursuing a business degree, starting January 2015. I’m Setting Standards not just hair.

TWHBW: I heard that! What is a valuable lesson you’ve learned as a stylist?

JL: I’m living my dream nobody said it would be easy, I love my job! When I get clients that have had horrible service with other stylists, I thrive off of wowing them. I want to enrich my family and my son’s future. I want to change my family’s life and in hopes of one day to inspire someone who had all the odds against them. I would say I have very humbling spirit God has blessed me with a talent to bless others, it keeps me grounded. You never know who you may meet on this journey. With all that said, I will say be grateful in advance.

TWHBW: What stylist do you idolize?

JL: My Girls from Voila Studio Salon Abra, Zeina, and Sabrina. These ladies are beasts in this business! In my 7 professional years as a stylist, now I have found true seed sowers they have inspired me to do so much.


TWHBW: What 3 people do you wish you could style?

JL: I’d like to style Beyoncé , Nicki and Oprah and tons of others!

TWHBW: What advice do you have for an upcoming stylist?

JL: Advice I’d give to an upcoming stylist would be to set goals for where they want to be in their careers and make it happen, don’t wait for anyone to do it for you.

TWHBW: What makes you stand out from others?

JL: I would say the way I make a person feel some people desire to be treated and cared for a specific way, I take my time I educate and I give clients not only what they want but what they need.

TWHBW: Where can people contact you?

JL: Contact me via email Vividstylesbyj@gmail.com!

Thank you Joi for being such an inspirational asset here at TWHBW. I can’t wait to see what the future of 2015 will bring!

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