Tis The Season! A Natural Holiday Hair Makeover w/Hair Stylist Joi Lewis

Meet Jordan!
Beautiful young girl. She was surprised at the makeover she was in for! Not a beauty makeover because she is gorgeous, but a healthy, hair makeover!
Winnie called me Thanksgiving week and said she just wanted to do something nice for some families this holiday season. She fed families, revised resumes, coached clients and more! But the family of Jordan and Shalonda, are near to Winnie’s heart. Then ding! The light bulb went off in her head! To gift Jordan and (her mother) Shalonda with a Healthy Hair Makeover for the holidays!
When Jordan and her mother arrived, I began with a consultation, to be more engaged with Jordan’s hair.
Jordan’s hair was slightly dry, her ends were split and her hair lacked moisture. I learned she has not been to a salon since she was 5 years old!
Her mother, Shalonda, had not been to the salon in 6 years. With relocating from state to state, it can be tough to find a professional and knowledgeable stylist. Thankfully, our Founder Winnie of The Wire Hanger by Winnie, sent Shalonda to me!
Shalonda decided to go natural during her relocation process. She also inspired others in her family to do the same.
After doing a consultation on Shalonda’s hair, I soon discovered her hair was a little brittle, lacked moisture, and she was in need of a trim.  Shalonda wanted to try a style out of the box. She shared with me how she once wore short hair, so we cut both sides above her ear down to give her hair some attitude!
Products used on both clients were of the brand Design Essential.
Oat Protein & Henna Shampoo
OAT PROTEIN & HENNA FULLER, THICKER, STRONGER DEEP CLEANSING SHAMPOO is a first lather shampoo, filled with natural ingredients, that deeply cleanses the hair of any impurities without stripping it of its natural oils. The result is clean, healthy hair with increased volume and manageability.
Honey Creme
Gentle cleansing  creme that is extremely moisturizing. It easily de-tangles and smoothes cuticles.
Express Moisture 
Enriched with Rose Hip Oil & Silicone which softens the hair.
Instantly seals the cuticle and locks in added moisture.
Enhances hair manageability by detangling instantly while adding body and shine.
Can be used daily or weekly when moisture is needed.
Suitable for all hair textures.
Imparts a silky luminous shine. Eliminates frizz. Controls fly away strands. Provides thermal protection during heat styling. Used on wet or dry hair
Natural Twist and Set Setting Lotion
Defines Curls
Adds Luminous Shine
Lasting Medium Hold
Strengthening Vitamins & Proteins
Moisturizes & Easily Detangles
Natural Curl Enhancing Mousse
The Natural Natural Curl Enhancing Mousse is perfect for loose wavy to tightly curled natural textures. Simple “Wash and Wear” styles are easily achieved with the Natural Curl Enhancing Mousse.  Infused with Olive Oil and Vitamin B Complex, the Natural Curl Enhancing Mousse nourishes the hair while providing added moisture and shine.  This lightweight formula dries quickly, defines curls and reduces frizz while giving hair a gorgeous, natural sheen.





Both ladies love their style! Shalonda loves the versatility, while Jordan is enjoying her length and seeing everyone’s reaction.
We are in a blessing spirit here at TWHBW! Can you tell?
Happy Holidays!
Giving is the reason for this season!
Yours Truly,
Joi Lewis
Vivid Hair Stylist


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