Tell It Tuesday w/B. Parker| No Stressing This Christmas, Enjoy the Blessings This Christmas!

It’s nearing Christmas: It should be a joyous, and a happy time of the year.


We spend countless days, and even weeks shopping for the perfect gifts. We spend just as much time wrapping them. You get frustrated when you lose the tape and scissors when you just sat them down, and when you run out of wrapping paper and you just have one present left to wrap, it infuriates you even more.


You get upset when the traffic is horrible, and it takes you double the time to get to where you’re going. You hate waiting in long lines at the store, and you complain because they should open up another cash register.

It’s the Christmas season. It should be about all the gifts, because the gifts come from the heart, so no need to stress yourself out over finding the perfect present. Wrapping presents shouldn’t be that big of a deal. The paper will eventually be ripped off anyways. Don’t be so stressed you can’t find the scissors. Just laugh it off.

Traffic is lined up because everyone is trying to finish the last minute errands to get ready for the big day. Turn on your Christmas music, and enjoy the few moments you have in the car before you rush inside the stores.

And the long line at the grocery store isn’t something to complain that much about. Less cashiers means that more of the employees are home with their family enjoying the season, because you never know, they might have to spend their Christmas in the store.

While everyone is stressed out, and running around trying to make this Christmas perfect, just sit down and remember why we celebrate.


Take a moment for yourself and enjoy the bright lights. Enjoy the music. Enjoy having your family together in one place for a season. Enjoy seeing the face of kids as their eyes glisten with excitement and awe when they open their gifts that you worked so hard to find. Enjoy spending time with a family member or friend who you know might not be here to celebrate another Christmas.

And most importantly, enjoy the season, and remember why you are celebrating in the first place.

Remember the reason behind Christmas. And don’t forget to wish Jesus a very happy birthday in the midst of the chaos this holiday season.


Yours Truly,

Brittany Parker



Brittany is 19, currently in Atlanta, Georgia; and a sophomore in college, majoring in American Sign Language. She has a passion for writing, and hopes to one day become a Christian Fiction Novelist. Writing for her blog, and guest-blogging has become a huge part in her life. She is a strong Christian whose faith has played a big part in who she is today.

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